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Eclipse Music

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Since its formation in 2007 Eclipse Music has been an essential torch bearer for innovative jazz, progressive music and singer-songwriters in Finland.

With world wide digital distribution and a large network of physical distributors all over Europe Eclipse Music's reach has been steadily growing since its inception.

Eclipse Jazz Club is the continuation of the brand into the live music arena, while Eclipse Music Digital provides indie artists and labels with digital distribution to all major streaming platforms.

In 2020 the founder of Eclipse Music, Tapio Ylinen, received an award issued by the Finnish national broadcaster YLE for his work in promoting Finnish jazz music cementing the company's status as one of the essential indie record labels in Finland.

Office & shipping address:
Erkkilänkatu 11 C, 4.krs c/o Kulttuurikeskus Uulu
33100 Tampere


cover Syntax Signe 2023
cover Ultralum Ultralum 2023
cover Dust Dancing Juho Peltoniemi Trio 2023
cover Junassa Emmi U. Trio 2023
cover EP-01 New Borders 2023
cover Prospektagon Halme Prospekt 2023
cover Constellations North Of Kallio Ensemble 2023
cover Väki Teea Aarnio 2023
cover Complete Loft Sessions Salesvuo Syncopation 2023
cover Songs from Suspended Times Tuomo Uusitalo 2023
cover Introlation Mavon Safia
cover Broken Piece Katu Kaiku 2022
cover Samai Maata Heiskanen Bayatz Baharat 2022
cover Atte Aho Atte Aho 2022
cover Bloom Dynamic Dynamic 2022
cover Teleport Operation 2022
cover Morphemes Signe 2022
cover Broken Dream Kokko Quartet 2022
cover Dimensions Joonas Tuuri Quartet 2022
cover To The Stars Lithium 2022
cover Unadaptable Silva Kallionpää Quartet 2022
cover Mystique From The North Case Kämäräinen 2022
cover So Far, So Me Mirja Mäkelä Trio 2022
cover Cake Walk from a Spaceship Verneri Pohjola
cover Wave Elias Nieminen Ensemble 2022
cover Temppuja Sofia Perhomaa 2022
cover Songs of Silence Teemu Viinikainen 2022
cover Hybrid Elena Mindru 2022
cover Valovuosia Sea 2022
cover Gong Odyssey Mika Kallio 2022
cover Almost Standards Tomi "Varre" Vartiainen 2022
cover Reflections Jukka Haavisto 2022
cover Songs for Harry S. Truman UXILA EXILE 2021
cover Hope Elena Mindru 2021
cover Kummapaahtoa Odd Brew 2021
cover Joyride Case Kämäräinen 2021
cover Nothing's Enough Tomi Salesvuo East Funk Attack 2021
cover Hachi Elifantree 2021
cover Unituulia Sointi Jazz Orchestra
cover Phonemes Signe 2021
cover The Day I Was Born Iiris Tarnanen 2021
cover Varo Artturi Rönkä
cover Arc Ossi Maristo 2021
cover Blink And You Miss It Timo Kämäräinen 2021
cover Northern Journey Manuel Dunkel 2021
cover The Siren Susanna Aleksandra 2021
cover Ruma Elektro GT
cover Kiss of Goodbye 'N Stuff 2020
cover Live in Helsinki Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus 2020
cover Connection Jussi Lehtonen Quartet 2020
cover Delusions of Grandeur TALAMBO 2020
cover III Njet Njet 9 2020
cover Fellowship Mikko Karjalainen Fellowship Quintet 2020
cover Mirage Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus 2020
cover Music of Haarla, Heinilä, Kasurinen & Rönkä UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra 2020
cover Do Standards Django Collective Helsinki 2020
cover First Days of Summer Kalevi Hämäläinen Group 2020
cover Two Suites For the Change Mikko Pettinen Why Not 2020
cover Hypnosis Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri 2020
cover Quasi tango Sole Azul 2019
cover Espoo Suite Espoo Big Band 2019
cover To Sappho Signe 2019
cover Grímsey Grímsey
Matti Saarinen
cover Jere Haakana Varjosto Jere Haakana Varjosto 2019
cover Discoveries Manuel Dunkel 2019
cover VIBA Viba 2019
cover Trails, Trials & Trolls MÖLy Trio 2019
cover My Bird Emmi U. Quintet
cover Maisemat Maisemat 2019
cover UNYA UNYA 2019
cover Blood Moon Elifantree 2019
cover Bongo Jazz Afrojazz Quintet 2019
cover KOTI KAMA Kollektiv 2019
cover This is Jean Erik Jean Erik
Janne "Jean Erik" Tuovinen
cover Days After The Rodeo Hot Heros 2019
cover Anemone Elifantree 2018
cover Awakening Juhani "Junnu" Aaltonen
Raoul Björkenheim
cover Mono and Dialogues Ruokangas-Hako-Rita 2018
cover MEGETME Tuomas J. Trio feat. Manuel Dunkel
Tuomas J. Turunen
Manuel Dunkel
cover Start from Nothing Sanna Ruohoniemi 2018
cover Tuomas Paukku Scription Tuomas Paukku Scription 2018
cover Folkjazz from Finland Hot Heros 2018
cover Horizon Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson´s Dark Forest 2018
cover I Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri 2017
cover Edith Anni Elif – Edith
Anni Elif
cover Nebula Vilkka Wahl Quintet 2017
cover Music For A Family Picnic Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus 2017
cover Monologues Heikki Ruokangas 2017
cover Return of Robert Dickson Teemu Viinikainen III 2017
cover Metsä Laura Annika Quartet 2017
cover Chapter 2 Maxxxtet 2017
cover In the key of K Kaisa's Machine 2017
cover Dark Soul Njet Njet 9 2017
cover Escape from the Unhappy Society Equally Stupid 2017
cover Beyond Raoul Björkenheim TRIAD 2017
cover April Fools Mikko Innanen & Simo Laihonen 2016
cover Machinery Pauli Lyytinen Machinery 2016
cover Unicorn Attack Njet Njet 9 2016
cover Orient Express Kokko Quartet 2016
cover Elixir Quartet Ajaton 2016
cover Chapter 1 Maxxxtet 2016
cover Fly Virva Quintet 2016
cover Description Tuomas Paukku Description 2016
cover Times & Spaces Esa Pietilä 2016
cover Positive Trio Toffa 2016
cover Kisima Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson´s Dark Forest 2015
cover The Wide Open Suite & Noises at Sea Liberty Ship 2015
cover Movers and Shakers Elifantree 2015
cover Antti Utriainen Expansion Antti Utriainen 2014
cover Ville Vokkolainen & Kadotettujen Paratiisi Ville Vokkolainen & Kadotettujen Paratiisi 2014
cover Stories Kadi Quartet 2014
cover Existence Olavi Louhivuori 2014
cover Exploding Head Equally Stupid 2014
cover Approaching Liberty Ship 2013
cover Aleatoric Aki Rissanen
Markku Ounaskari
cover Matka Mia Simanainen & Ahava 2012
cover Time Out Elifantree 2012
cover Urban Ritual Dramophone 2012
cover Arrival Slo Motive 2012
cover The Helsinki Suite Kari Ikonen & Karikko 2011
cover Our Garden Johanna Elina Sulkunen 2011
cover Love & Trees Elifantree 2010
cover Pete's Game Machine DEFEKT 2010