For Antti Lötjönen (b. 1980), like for many of his colleagues, the bass legend Jaco Pastorius worked as an important inspirer on the way to a professional bass player. Lötjönen started to take piano lessons at the age of six and played also trumpet and electric guitar before ending up studying more carefully electric bass guitar. After the Jaco period Lötjönen experienced in his teens, he started to study older jazz and play double bass as well. Two important teachers in his hometown's, Kuopio's conservatory were Jarmo Hiekkala, the bass player of the Kuopio filharmonic orchestra, and Timo Hirvonen, who is an expert on electric bass. After high school Lötjönen finished his studies at conservatory and moved to Helsinki in 2000 to study music at the pop/jazz department in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. After he had studied for only one year he decided to apply for jazz department at Sibelius Academy - and got in on the same year.

On 21st century he has become a really busy and hardworking bass player. He masters several styles of music and partly because of this versatile style he is one of the most used and most popular bassists in Finland. He has been working with many well-known musicians in Finland, like pianists Aki Rissanen, Joonas Haavisto and Alexi Tuomarila. Lötjönen's most active band is The Five Corners Quintet, formed in 2003, but there are many other extremely active bands as well, like Jukka Eskola's and Timo Lassy's bands, that have used Lötjönen's skills as a bass player. Lötjönen is also known from his contribution on Ilmiliekki Quartet, Verneri Pohjola Quartet, Eeppi Ursin band and SUN trio.