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Kannaste-Ojajärvi Quartet

Kannaste-Ojajärvi Quartet


Kannaste-Ojajärvi Quartet (K/O/Q) is a band formed in 2004 by the two tenorsaxophonists Jussi Kannaste and Olli Ojajärvi, drummer Jussi Lehtonen and bassist Ville Huolman. This group, that was based on challenging instrumentation and performed mainly Kannaste's compositions, created immediately their own sound that has both unique melodic thinking and edgy, absorbing swing. On the tour organized by Finnish Jazz Federation in fall 2004 K/O/Q charmed many jazzcritics in Finland and performed also in Belgium and in France. The group released their debut album First Draft (Terravox) in 2005 which was also a nominee for the Jazz Emma Prize in the Emma Awards.

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