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Blogs & webpages


Jazzkeittiö (Jazz kitchen) is Katri Kallionpää's blog, published on Kallionpää ventures at jazz clubs and festivals both in Finland and abroad.






 Jazzpossu (engl. Jazzpiggy) is a Finnish jazzblog on Tumblr. New and old albums, jazzevents on the Helsinki metropolitan area and much more!








Kohta... jazzii 

Finnish jazz blog Kohta... jazzii (Soon... jazz) examines jazz and other of cultural phenomena. The blog features album and concert reviews mostly Finnish artists. 




Live at We Jazz

Live at We Jazz is a video blog for live jazz at We Jazz office by We Jazz & Unifilm. Every video includes a live performance of a Finnish jazzmusician and artist's thoughts about their music, their instrument and their music philosophy. New episode is released every month. 



Popot pogoillen

Popot pogoillen is a jazz travel blog that wanders, listens and eats. Find the jazz entries by #PopotPogoillenKuuntelee2017.

Jazzitus ry is a association established in 2004 whose purpose is to promote Finnish jazz. The most important way of function is to operate through the Suomijazz-website.






Valon kuvia

 Jazzactive Jukka Piiroinen published on his website for a long time only photographs, but as the man writes also reviews on jazz music, has he started to present his writings on his website as well.

In Valon kuvia -blog Piiroinen presents his writings on records and jazzhappenings that Pohjolan Sanomat -newspaper has published since 2008. To the Jazzkirjoituksia-page Piiroinen has also collected his columns on jazz music that were originally published in Pohjolan Sanomat in 2001-2008.

Piiroinen's colums and album reviews were previousy published on the Riverside Jazz Association's webpages but recently they have all moved to Piiroinen's website.




Jazzrytmit is the biggest Finnish jazz music magazine. It was released in a paper form in 1994-2008 and have since 2008 been released only online.

Jazzrytmit is a member of Kultti ry, the Association of magazines of culture, opinion and science.

The writers of Jazzrytmit are both professional journalists, freelancers, musicians, music schools, festival organizers, jazz associations, clubs, restaurants and international correspondents.

The aim of Jazzrytmit is to promote Finnish jazz and rhythm music and work as the voice of the stakeholders and different music styles.



Rytmi Magazine is a high-quality music magazine, that takes a stance on the phenomena of music culture but with a relaxed way and from the surprising perspectives. Rytmi offers an entertaining experience for the unprejudiced friends of music who are not satisfied with only scratching the surface.

Rytmi deals with the music from the past and the present.

The special Pori Jazz edition is released every year in the end of June. 



Jazz kiinnostaa

Jazz kiinnostaa radio programme returned to Radio Helsinki with new season on 17 February with Matti Nives, Teppo Mäkynen and Ville Herrala. The programme focuses on jazz music on Sundays from 2 to 4pm.



Groove FM's Jazzbreakfast

The Groove FM radio channel offers a Jazz Breakfast for jazz-hungry listeners on Saturdays from 7 am to 10 am and on Sundays from 7 am to 12 pm. Additionally, every Thursday from 6 pm to 7 pm, Groove takes you on a journey into the atmosphere of the legendary English Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club with the Ronnie Scott's radio show.








YLE Jatzofrenia

Jatzofrenia is a show that examines jazz and rhythm music every Sunday at 21-22 on YLERadio. The program is produced by jazz journalist Markus "DJ Markka" Partanen and DJ Bunuel.

Jatzofrenia started in the ancient Radiomafia in 1995 and in 2003-2006 the program was produced by YleQ. Jatzofrenia has always followed the field of jazz and rhythm music without excessive genre limits - the most important thing is a great atmosphere.




YLE JazzRadio

YLE JazzRadio presents the topical news from the field of jazz and the new jazz album releases every Monday at 20.00-21.15.







YLE Swingin' Afternoon

 YLE Swingin' Afternoon offers classic jazz every Friday at 16.15-17.00.