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Astra Music Ltd

Astra Music Ltd represents Kalle Kalima's bands: Tenors of Kalma, Kalle Kalima's Long Winding Road, Klima Kalima, Kalle Kalima & K – 18, Kalle Kalima & Knut Reiersrud, Johnny La Marama, Pentasonic and Kuu!

Dex Viihde Oy

Dex Viihde is a program agency operating since 1985, representing Finnish artists and bands. In the field of jazz, the Dex Viihde roster includes i.a. Ilmiliekki Quartet and OK:KO.

Helsinki Jazz Underground

Helsinki Jazz Underground is a co-operative aimed at representing topical Finnish jazz. It combines two independent record labels, Jaskaa and Fredriksson Music, which both release new high-quality jazz music. Helsinki Jazz Underground manages its artists' marketing, distribution, publicity and booking. HJU is lead by two top Finnish jazz musicians, pianist Jussi Fredriksson and drummer Jaska Lukkarinen.


MiklagårdArts is a platform founded in September 2015. MiklagårdArts promotes exchange between the Nordic countries and the dynamic art scenes in countries like Turkey, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

MiklagårdArts caters to the needs of the artists, collectives, and companies, and also wants to create possibilities for innovative multi-genre collaborations around the world.

Raitala Music Ltd.

Raitala Music represents some of the top Finnish musicians. Together with long-term career planning, Raitala offers comprehensive support to allow artists to focus on their art.

Raitala actively and extensively sells performances to concert halls, festivals as well as clubs. The firm keeps extending its network to be able to offer new performance opportunities and revenue streams. Raitala offers lectures, consulting and mentoring to current and future music professionals. Raitala also produces concerts and tours for artists outside its roster. The firm’s jazz roster includes Aki Rissanen, Jukka Perko, Linda Fredriksson, Ricky-Tick Big Band, Teemu Viinikainen and Verneri Pohjola.

Rockadillo Production Ltd

Rockadillo Production Ltd was founded in 1971 and it is Finland's oldest active artist management company. The company specializes in jazz, world music and experimental music. The bands in the Rockadillo roster have performed in over 40 countries and made thousands of gigs. Their lineup features such artists as Iiro Rantala, Piirpauke, RinneRadio, Sakari Kukko Quartet, Jarmo Saari Republic, Anssi Tikanmäki Orchestra, Wimme, Antti Paalanen, Pauli Hanhiniemi & Hehkumo, Jukka Gustavson, M.A. Numminen & Pedro Hietanen.

Saura Booking Agency

Helsinki-based Saura Booking Agency represents music beyond genres, music that stays on your skin, touches your soul and stays with you after the music stops. Saura's roster consists of Finnish jazz, folk, pop and world music artists, such as Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamäki duo, Teho Majamäki Travelogue, Vilma Timonen Quartet, Niillas Holmberg Kvarteahtta and Tuuletar. Saura Booking Agency also produces Iholla Music Club in Helsinki. 

Vapaat äänet

Vapaat äänet (Finnish for Free Voices/Free Sounds) promotes and develops the exchange of jazz and improvised music between France, Finland, the Baltic countries and the whole Nordic region. The agency works with passion and respect for adventurous music and its creators, helping them to meet new audiences. Over the past ten years Vapaat äänet has steadfastly built up a substantial network of promoters in Northern Europe.

The export activities of Vapaat Äänet consist of a yearly program of 5–6 tours in the Nordic and the Baltic Countries. Among them there is an annual tour of French and Finnish artists in Finland co produced with Jazz Finland. Charles Gil, the manager of the agency, is in charge of putting together and coordinating the tours.