Ekman Jazz Club

Sture Jazz Bar, based on Sturenkatu, Helsinki, has since 1997 offered high-quality live jazz three times a week for its audience. The stage of Sture has worked as an arena for the young and old musicians, bonding them in the spirit of jazz music and fun over 15 years.

A live jazz club called Ekman Jazz Club is organized in Sture Jazz Bar every Saturday. There you can hear the musicians and the soloists from the jazz field jamming together. Welcome aboard! 


Happy Jazz Club Storyville

 Happy Jazz Club Storyville, situated behind the Parliament, entertains its customers by having both Finnish and international jazzorchestras performing six evenings a week. In the streetlevel bar piano music is also played on the evenings. Storyville's kitchen serves cajuncreole delicacies until 03 in the night.



 The jazz trio HERD began hosting their monthly club night at the Finnish National Theatre’s “Lavaklubi” space in Helsinki in September 2012, and are set to continue with a colorful program for the spring of 2013. The hosting trio invite a different guest each time to put together a unique performance. The audience can expect musical adventures of many shades, each time pushing HERD to discover new musical possibilities together with their guest artists.

HERD, comprising of Panu Savolainen (vibraphone), Mikko Pellinen (bass) and Tuomas Timonen (drums), has already gained both domestic and international acclaim thanks to their successful debut album “HERD Live!!”, and their energetic stage presence. In July 2011, HERD was awarded the first prize at the prestigious “European Jazz Competition” at Holland’s North Sea Jazz Festival. HERD’s no-nonsense swing is matched by canny songwriting, attention to detail, plus a knack at intense peer and audience interaction. In November 2012, the band took part in the “Movember” movement as the only Finnish jazz ensemble, causing a stir on the local scene.  



Helsinki Jazz ry continues this spring to organize the JaZZanti concert series in Ravintola Laulumiehet. JaZZanti, organized for the first time in 2012, offers again interesting new jazz and improvisative music while the same time trying to create a communicative atmosphere between the artists and the audience. The restaurant has a great acoustics and the music sounds thus as natural as possible. The program of the spring is interesting and versatile and it offers new Finnish jazz bands, and top-musicians and international musician guests from the field of free improvisation. 



Ravintola Nyyrikki, known from its theatre restaurant activity, began to organize a high-quality jazzclub in autumn 2012. The purpose of the club was to offer top-jazz for the friends of rhythm music in the cultural Puu-Käpylä. The different tones of jazz were played during the whole autumn every Saturday at Iltatähti, the nightclub of Nyyrikki. The jazzy season on the autumn was opened by the Kuutamojazz mini-festival in 31.8.2012 that took over the whole Nyyrikki from the terrace to the Iltatähti-nightclub and dining hall.

The popular Jälkilöylyjazz Club continues its activity also in 2013. The club started its season in 12.1. with Jussi Lehtonen trio and continues offering top jazz every Saturday through the whole winter and spring.


Koko Jazz Club

Koko Jazz Club is a cosy jazzclub organized in KokoTheatre by two jazzmusicians, Timo Hirvonen and Jussi Lehtonen. Koko Jazz Club presents the most significant jazz groups and artists of Finland and at times also big international names from the field of jazz.







Rytmihäiriö Club has brought the best live jazz of Helsinki to the better side of Pitkänsilta every Wednesday evening from September till the end of May since 1997. The Finnish top jazzmusicians and young promises of the field serve to the people talented, improvised jazz spiced with musical passion. In the summer the Rytmihäiriö Club is replaced by the relaxed Kesäjazz Club.


We Jazz -klubi

Club We Jazz, initiated in December 2009, has operated bi-monthly at Helsinki's Kuudes Linja. The ethos of the event is to build a continuum of jazz along each single night, combining live acts, DJs and visuals. The club features bands curated by We Jazz, the club's in-house DJ collective with casual guests, and the Emma prize winning VJ collective National RGB. The live acts often opt for the chance to play on the floor of the venue in truw "loft jazz" style, creating a unique opportunity for interaction with their audience. Live bands featured at the club night thus far include some of Finland's top ensembles, such as Timo Lassy Band, Verneri Pohjola Quartet, Jaska Lukkarinen Trio, Black Motor, HERD, Jukka Perko Streamline Jazztet and Tonight at Noon. 

In October 2012, We Jazz introduced a new ensemble, the We Jazz Loft Sessions. The collective changes shape according to each opportunity to perform, with drummer Teppo Mäkynen being its lone resident member and musical leader.

In addition to Helsinki's Kuudes Linja, We Jazz has hosted guest slots at several venues and festivals in Helsinki and outside of the city.

We Jazz organizes also We Jazz Talk Shows that debuted in October 2012. The concept aims to discuss topical jazz-related issues in an inviting manner. Includes a musical guest.




Suisto Club is a relaxed musicbar established in the beginning of 2009 in Hämeenlinna. The program of Suisto includes the hottest undergroup bands in Finland, rhythm music, jazz and folk!




Diggariklubi - blue tones and swell rhythms!

Diggariklubi is a music club based in Järvenpää, Finland. It aims to bring together people who share a love for rhythm and blues. The club provides an opportunity to get people together and enjoy live music on a monthly basis. It strives to uncover the most talented artists and deliver them to the audience.

The driving force behind the club is Järvenpään Blues-Jazz Diggarit Association, also known as Diggarit. The association was founded in 1977 by twenty devoted fans of rhythm music. In the summer of 1978 the cornerstone of the association, Puistoblues-festival, was held for the very first time. Since then the festival has grown and nowadays it is regarded as the leading blues festival in Europe. Throughout its groovy history, the association has organized a number of events in Järvenpää and its surrounding area.

Järvenpään Blues-Jazz Diggarit Association - volunteer work for great music, since 1977!




 Poppari (originally Jazz Bar) is a restaurant and a significant forum for live music in Jyväskylä. Since 1992 it has worked as an important arena for rock and jazz musicians in Jyväskylä and besides organizing gigs, it has also an active jam culture. Poppari has received many acknowledgements during its history as Jazz Bar, for example the Shadow Georgie Award (Varjo-Yrjö) of the National Broadcast Company of Finland (YLE) in 2003 and the Cultural Act of the Year Prize of the County of Middle-Finland in 1999.



OP Jazz Club

Kuopio Jazz&Blues is an active local association that organizes annually approximately 20 jazzconcerts in Kuopio. Most of these concerts are a part of the activity of the OP Jazz Club organized in the Music Centre of Kuopio. OP Jazz Club presents once a month high-quality jazz mainly performed by the Finnish jazzmusicians.



Lappeenranta Jazz Club

Lappeenranta Jazz Club Association organizes regularly jam sessions where after the main artist anyone can step up to the stage and jam with the musicians of the band.

The artists in the jam sessions are professional jazzmusicians from near and far. The aim of Lappeenranta Jazz Club is to bring high-quality jazz to Lappeenranta which is eased by the Finnish Jazz Federation that organizes tours around Finland, also in Lappeenranta every spring and autumn.

Besides the jam sessions the association is actively involved in organizing other jazz concerts and events in Lappeenranta.



Jazzoo Jazz Club

Jazzoo Jazz Club is a jazz club organized by Jazzoo Jazz Association every Thurday at O'Leary's in Pietarsaari.







KulttuuriKulma (engl. Culture Corner) is a bold and wild newcomer in the restaurant field of Pori. Kulttuurikulma sees culture from a new point of view and doesn't take art so seriously. Kulttuurikulma offers thus culture from rap music and stand up to jazz and rock. The slogan of Kulttuurikulma seals the whole idea of its operation: "Art tolerates consumption".



Paapan kapakka

Paapan kapakka is a place situated in the heart of Tampere that has brought together the friends of jazz, beer and communicative atmosphere since 1992. Thanks to the central location and great atmosphere the customer base of Paapan kapakka consists of jazz fans, random passer-bys and regular customers.

Paappa is the only restaurant in Tampere that offers live jazz music seven days a week which is a rarity even internationally. Besides the house band of the restaurant, Paappa's Group, other traditional jazz  bands, like Cool Quartet, Gilda&Jazztet and Mambo taxi, entertain the audience at Paapan kapakka.   



TTT-Klubi is a stylish 240-seat restaurant venue of TTT-Theatre. Its programme features theatre performances, entertainment, gigs, stand up, jazz and burlesque.

During autumn 2013, TTT-Klubi will present top Finnish jazz acts including Verneri Pohjola & Timo Lassy (Sep 27), Teemu Viinikainen Trio (Oct 18) and HERD & Aili Ikonen (Nov 15).


TTT-Klubi can offer its customers fully licenced bar and warmed terrace. We also organize tailored servings for groups.



Flame Jazz

Flame Jazz ry is an association that operates on the area of Turku that organizes professionally high-quality jazzconcerts. The association also strives in many ways for the positive visibility of jazz music. Flame Jazz works also as a source of inspiration and as a stepping stone for the young talents who are aiming for a professional career on jazz music.

Flame Jazz was originally founded as a jazz project for the Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 -year. The initial plan was to build a professional jazzevent to Turku that works regularly throughtout the year. Turku 2011 Flame Jazz Project showed that there is an interest and a demand for a high-quality and regular jazzsupply in Turku. During its first year of operation over 5000 listeners, 35 groups and 250 professional musicians were gathered in Turku to enjoy and make professional jazz music and a new cultural community was born in Turku. This activity brought the actors on the field of jazz together and the development seems to go on.

Flame Jazz works in a co-operation with many local actors, such as Turku Music Festival, Jazz Club Monk, Turku Jazz Orchestra, the Conservatory of Turku and the Music School of Turku Region. The local synergy has created new fruitful co-operation connections and jazz can be heard in Turku more often that ever before. Flame Jazz has also built networks internationally and besides Finnish top jazz musicians, also international artists have visited Flame Jazz Clubs.

Flame Jazz has succeeded in creating a high-quality and famous jazzculture to Turku in a short time. The number of spectators have been growing steadily and the music style has gotten lots of new friends. At the moment Flame Jazz is one of the most active actors in Finland who organize regularly jazz concerts.

In 2011 an association, Flame Jazz ry, was born and it has ever since been in charge of the operation of Flame Jazz Club. As the chairman of the association and the artistic director of the concert series works jazzmusician Jussi Fredriksson.


Vaakahuone Pavilion


Restaurant Vaakahuone's kitchen and entertainment entity is unique for Turku, maybe even for all of Finland. In the covered terrace-restaurant area you will find jazzy live music, dance, a specialty café, a pizzeria, an à la carte restaurant, an archipelago buffet, a grill and a fully licensed bar. The biggest terrace along the River Aura seats up to 500 people. The restaurant and the Ukkopekka sales office both operate in the same, protected 19th century warehouse building.

Vaakahuone is open from the first of May until the end of August, every day from 9.00 a.m. till late night (latest closing time 02.00).

Live music every night, no entrance fee. 



Doo-Bop Club

 Doo-bop Club is a jazz club situated in the heart of Vaasa. Doo-bop Club presents local, Finnish and international artists from different music styles streching from jazz to funk and rock. We want to offer you the best live music in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Welcome!



Vaasa Jazz Club

Vaasa Jazz Club Association organizes different jazz music events and happenings on the region of Vaasa. Vaasa Jazz Club organizes annually over 50 events so there is a gig organized every week.