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April Jazz Club

April Jazz Club is a high-quality jazz club, that organizes jazz concerts around the year. The venue for the club is Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden.




Allas Sea Pool

Allas Sea Pool launched new Jazz Series was in the autumn 2019. Allas Sea Pool is a garden-like oasis in the heart of Helsinki, and it invites the audience to enjoy live music in the unique marine milieu of Katajannokka. 


Ekman Jazz Club

Sture Jazz Bar, based on Sturenkatu, Helsinki, hosts an entertaining and atmospheric Ekman Jazz Club every Sunday. Sture’s stage has been a place to perform for both young and experienced musicians since 1997 connecting different people through Jazz-music and having fun.


G Livelab 

G Livelab is a music club launched in 2016 in Helsinki. G Livelab offers a new kind of live music experience built on quality programming, state of the art audio facilities and modern design. G Livelab aims to present performances by top artists from Finland and abroad in the best possible setting. G Livelab has an active concert calendar, that features a wide variety of styles. Also jazz concerts are held in regular basis.  


Happy Jazz Club Storyville

 Happy Jazz Club Storyville, situated behind the Parliament, entertains its customers by having both Finnish and international jazzorchestras performing six evenings a week. In the streetlevel bar piano music is also played on the evenings. Storyville's kitchen serves cajuncreole delicacies until 03 in the night.

 Jazz'n Jam

Jazz'n Jam is a jazz concert series in Malmitalo, that presents the most interesting jazz artists from Finland and abroad. The artistic director of Jazz'n Jam is Sakari Puhakka from Helsinki Jazz ry.  


Helsinki Jazz ry organizes the JaZZanti concert series in Ravintola Laulumiehet. JaZZanti, organized for the first time in 2012, offers interesting new jazz and improvisative music while the same time trying to create a communicative atmosphere between the artists and the audience. 


Ravintola Nyyrikki, known from its theatre restaurant activity, began to organize a high-quality jazzclub in autumn 2012. The purpose of the club is to offer top-jazz for the friends of rhythm music in the cultural Puu-Käpylä. The Jälkilöylyjazz is organized together with Suomen PerinneJazz ry.

Koko Jazz Club

Koko Jazz Club is a cosy jazzclub organized in KokoTheatre by jazzmusician Timo Hirvonen. Koko Jazz Club presents the most significant jazz groups and artists of Finland and at times also big international names from the field of jazz.



Manala Afterwork Jazz

Ravintola Ostrobotnia aka Manala organises Afterwork Jazz every Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.  The official house band of Manala and ocassionally guests present fresh autumn tunes and the food is better than ever! 


Rytmihäiriö Club has brought the best live jazz of Helsinki to the better side of Pitkänsilta every Wednesday evening from September till the end of May since 1997. The Finnish top jazzmusicians and young promises of the field serve to the people talented, improvised jazz spiced with musical passion. In the summer the Rytmihäiriö Club is replaced by the relaxed Kesäjazz Club. Rytmihäiriö Club is located in restaurant Juttutupa.

Sun Jazz

Tenho Restobar, located in Kallio, Helsinki, organizes Sun Jazz -club events featuring interesting jazz bands from Finland and abroad. Sun Jazz is held on Sundays and the event has a free admission.

Sointi Jazz Orchestra clubs

Sointi Jazz Orchestra launches a new club series at Musiikkiteatteri Kapsäkki next spring. Every club feature interesting composers and soloist as SJO’s guest, and each club has its own theme. Before the concert an open discussion considering the evening’s theme and background is organised at restaurant Bistro K at six o’clock.

Voodoo Music Club

Voodoo Music Club offers quality live music every month in Roihuvuori, Helsinki. The artistic director of the club is musician Pauli Lyytinen. Roihuvuori-Seura acts in the background of the Voodoo Music Club.


We Jazz

We Jazz organizes club events all year around with the most fresh jazz artists from Finland and abroad. The concerts are held in different venues in Helsinki, such as Ateneum and island of Lonna, and also in Tallinn. We Jazz is also an annual jazz festival held in December and record label We Jazz Records.



Suisto Club is a relaxed musicbar established in the beginning of 2009 in Hämeenlinna. The program of Suisto includes the hottest undergroup bands in Finland, rhythm music, jazz and folk!


Koko Jazz Club Iisalmi

Koko Jazz Club was first launched in Helsinki, but it has arrived also to Iisalmi in 2017. Koko Jazz Club Iisalmi offers top-quality jazz concerts in different venues in the Iisalmi area. The artistic director of Koko Jazz Club is musician Timo Hirvonen.


Jazzkerho -76

Jazzkerho -76 ry actively organizes jazz concerts in Joensuu area. Concerts feature top jazz bands and artists from Finland and abroad every month. 


Jazz Jkl Live

Since year 2017, Jazz Jkl ry has organized a high-quality jazz series called Jazz Jkl Live. The association aims to offer long-term and visible jazz culture in Jyväskylä. Mostly Finnish top jazz is featured in the montly held concerts. The venue is usually the music restaurant Poppari in Jyväskylä.


Poppari (originally Jazz Bar) is a restaurant and a significant forum for live music in Jyväskylä. Since 1992 it has worked as an important arena for rock and jazz musicians in Jyväskylä and besides organizing gigs, it has also an active jam culture. In the summertime, there is a Summejazz club in Poppari, produced by Matias Luoto and Henriika Steidel-Luoto.



East Coast Jazz Club

Restaurant Kairo organises Kotka Jazz in East Coast Jazz Club concerts every Monday from 7pm to 9pm. The programme varies from guest musicians to jam sessions. All music and jazz lovers are warmly welcomed.


Kuopio Jazz & Blues

Kuopio Jazz&Blues is an active local association that organizes jazzconcerts every month in Kuopio. Concerts are held in different restaurants, such as Maxim, Hygge Pro and Gusto Runin.



Lappeenranta Jazz Club

Lappeenranta Jazz Club Association organizes regularly jazz concerts in restaurant Kolme Lyhtyä. Every spring and autumn a jam session is also held, where after the main artist anyone can step up to the stage and jam with the musicians of the band. The artists in the jam sessions are professional jazzmusicians from near and far. The aim of Lappeenranta Jazz Club is to bring high-quality jazz to Lappeenranta which is eased by the Finnish Jazz Federation that organizes tours around Finland, also in Lappeenranta every spring and autumn.


Nuijamies is a cultural space located in an old cinema building in Lappeenranta. The venue organizes jazz concerts and other culture events.



Oulu Music Festival Jazz & Etno 

Oulu Music Festival organizes Jazz & Etno concert series all year round. Concert series brings high-quality jazz concerty to Oulu in monthly basis.



Jazzoo Jazz Club

Jazzoo Jazz Club is a jazz club organized by Jazzoo Jazz Association every Thurday at O'Leary's in Pietarsaari.



Validi Karkia

Validi Karkia is a live music club launched in January 2011. Validi Karkia is DIY-spirited club, open to everyone, presenting concerts in different venues around Pori. Validi Karkia brings on stage some of the most interesting new and old artists and bands from Finland and abroad. The programme is curated by the artistic director and musician Jyrki Laiho.



Porvoo Jazz Club

Porvoo Jazz Club is a jazz event held monthly in a historical WSOY-building in Porvoo. Porvoo Jazz Club features both Finnish and international jazz artists.



Plukihäiriö Jazz & Blues

Plukihäiriö Jazz & Blues club is organised around once a month in the restaurant of Korundi House of Culture. The clubs offer live music, rich rhythms and relaxed atmosphere over a drink or two!


Salo Jazz

Salo Jazz actively organizes jazz concerts in Salo. The club is managed by 2012 founded association SaloJazz ry, that aims to develop jazz music in Salo area.


Olavin Jazz

Olavin Jazz is a Savonlinna-based association, that organizes concerts in Kulttuurikellari, Savonlinna. The programme consists high-quality jazz artists from Finland and abroad. 


G Livelab Tampere

G Livelab Tampere is the second music club under the G Livelab brand. The club is launched in the summer 2019 in a historical red brick building in the heart of the Tampere city. G Livelab offers a new kind of live music experience built on quality programming, state of the art audio facilities and modern design. G Livelab aims to present performances by top artists from Finland and abroad in the best possible setting. 

Eclipse Jazz Club

Eclipse brings Finnish top jazz musicians to Tampere! Eclipse Jazz Club is a jazz club located in restaurant Kivi at Tampere Teatteri. Concerts are held every 3-4th Tuesday.


Paapan kapakka

Paapan kapakka is a place situated in the heart of Tampere that has brought together the friends of jazz, beer and communicative atmosphere since 1992. Thanks to the central location and great atmosphere the customer base of Paapan kapakka consists of jazz fans, random passer-bys and regular customers.




TTT-Klubi is a stylish 240-seat restaurant venue of TTT-Theatre. Its programme features theatre performances, entertainment, gigs, stand up, jazz and burlesque.




Flame Jazz

Flame Jazz ry is an association that operates on the area of Turku and organizes professionally high-quality jazzconcerts in regular basis. The association also strives in many ways for the positive visibility of jazz music. In 2011 an association, Flame Jazz ry, was born and it has ever since been in charge of the operation of Flame Jazz Club. As the chairman of the association and the artistic director of the concert series works jazzmusician Jussi Fredriksson.


Vaakahuone Pavilion


Restaurant Vaakahuone's kitchen and entertainment entity is unique for Turku, maybe even for all of Finland. In the covered terrace-restaurant area you will find jazzy live music and dance. The restaurant is open every day from May to end of August.



Doo-Bop Club

 Doo-Bop Club is a jazz club situated in the heart of Vaasa. Doo-bop Club presents local, Finnish and international artists from different music styles streching from jazz to funk and rock. Doo-Bop Club aims to offer the best live music in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


Vaasa Jazz Club

Vaasa Jazz Club Association organizes different jazz music events and happenings on the region of Vaasa. Vaasa Jazz Club organizes annually over 50 events so there is a gig organized every week.


Anna Inginmaa Jazzclub

Anna Inginmaa Jazzclub was launched in spring 2019 in Vantaa, to offer new kind of performative jazz club events with authentic club atmosphere. The venue for the club is the legendary cultural space Vernissa. Club is hosted by vocalist Anna Inginmaa and houseband consists of three Finnish jazz stars Ville Luukkoen (drums), Arto Itävalko (piano) and Joonas Tuuri (contra bass). Changing star guests also are presented regularly.