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Ebeli the pop & jazz department of EMO

Ebeli is the pop and jazz department of EMO, the Espoo Music Institute. The school aims at fostering well-rounded and diverse musical skills in its students, supported by a teaching staff comprised of the very best local talent. The focus in teaching at Ebeli is on the special characteristics of popular music and jazz: in addition to learning an instrument students get to study improvisation, as well as play in bands and groups. Courses at Ebeli are open to applicants between the ages of 12-25 who have already acquired basic-level skills on their instrument.

Ebeli was originally founded in 1996 as a private music school by Martti Lappalainen. In January 2010, Ebeli merged into EMO and became its artistically and pedagogically independent pop and jazz department. The school receives funding from the state, as well as from the city of Espoo. Instruction given at Ebeli complies with the curriculum for the advanced syllabus in basic education (the Finnish national core curriculum devised by the National Board of Education).


At Gradia Jyväskylä the undergraduate degree in music can focus on pop / jazz music or classical music. In addition to individual lessons, teaching takes place in small groups, bands and orchestras. Central to the studies are the practice and presentation of one's own instrument and musical expression. Studying gives you the skills to work as a musician as well as to apply for postgraduate studies.

Karelia University of Applied Sciences

The degree program of pop/jazz music in Karelia University of Applied Sciences is a 4 and a half year program giving the student the qualifications to work as a musician and a pop/jazz music teacher. The studies are divided in instrument studies, ensemble work and theory and history studies. Besides all this, the students can choose to study also pedagogical studies.

The music department of Kauhajoki Evangelic School

The studies at the music department of Kauhajoki Evangelical School offer a great opportunity to gain more knowledge on the field of music. The education aims to give the students qualifications the student needs to get into a conservatory to study a degree. The emphasis on the studies is in mastering playing one's instrument, in ensemble work and in improvisation. The school also offers education in i.a. music theory, music history, solfeggio, arranging, harmony and improvisation, trascription and music analysis and studio work.

The Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory

In the education program of pop/jazz music in Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory the students are focusing on the different styles of rhythm music. The aim is to teach the student the skills they need to master the basic work of a musician. The student also learns the basic skills to do composing and arranging work and other work related to musician's career in practice. The studies also include lots of ensemble work, instrument studies, music theory and different projects. The concervatory's private lessons and workshops are frequently taught by many visiting teachers.

The Pop & Jazz School of Central Finland

The Pop & Jazz School of Central Finland offers basic education in the arts for children and youths. The mission of the school is to teach both in groups and also give individual lessons. Working in groups and in ensembles inspires the students to make music together but it also develops the creativity of the students and the ability to communicate through music. The aim of the school is to encourage the students to do music independently and goal-orientatedly without concentrating too much on the achievements. The performing opportunities (gigs, jam sessions) and the visiting lecturers are also an important part of the studies in Pop & Jazz School.

Kymi Conservatory

Ekami's Kymi Conservatory provides a bachelor's degree in music. In the program, students will receive basic professional skills in the field of rhythm music, readiness for university studies in the field and general university eligibility. The training includes face-to-face, remote and online learning, as well as work-based learning, which consists of performances, studio work and musical theater. The premises of Kymi Conservatory are located in Kotka, on the Koteko campus.

Lappia Pop and Jazz Conservatory

At Pop and Jazz Conservatory Lappia the students can qualify as musicians or music technologists by acquiring the Vocational Qualification in Music (120 credits).

Depending on the individual focus, The Vocational Qualification in Music enables the student to work in the field music i.a. as a performing artist, sound mixer, sound recordist, as well as in music service and production assignments. They can also be employed by municipalities and societies to teach and instruct in the field. Students can specialize in pop, rock and jazz music.

The Conservatory constitutes a part of Vocational College Lappia. Teaching takes place in the Musiikkitalo (Music House), built in 2003. Collaboration with other departments of the Vocational College Lappia and the Culture Department of Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences enable carrying out large productions.

Metropolia's Pop and Jazz Music Degree Programme

Metropolia’s Pop and Jazz Music Degree Programme has long traditions in Finland in the field of popular music and jazz. Operating in Arabia, Helsinki, the programme has the best teachers in Finland with excellent facilities, including the Arabia Concert Hall and modern sound studios.

Graduates of the Pop and Jazz Music Degree Programme become different kinds of experts in popular music and jazz. Students can specialise in pop, jazz, r&b, and rock styles, and receive professional qualifications as teachers of an instrument or music theory, or as performers, music writers, or music producers and technologists.

Oulun Concervatory

The department of pop & jazz music of Oulu Conservatory was established in 2000 to provide education in the different fields of afroamerican rhythm music. The activity is divided into vocational studies of pop & jazz music and non-vocational studies that are directed to students who want to study music as a hobby only.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The education on the pop- and jazzmusic department of Oulu University of Applied Sciences focuses on developing the main instrument skills of a student but also teaching the ensemble work and performing. Those who choose music theory as their main subject specialize in composing. The pedagogical studies of total 60 credits are also included in the degree. Graduates of the Pop and Jazz Music Degree Programme become different kinds of experts in popular music and jazz. They have professional qualifications to work as teachers or as performers.

Palmgren Conservatory

Palmgren Conservatory, based in Pori, is the third oldest music school in Finland.

Palmgren Conservatory trains musicians and music technologists in the demanding jobs of a freelance musician and provides good preparation for postgraduate studies. The good working life connections of the city of Pori guarantee motivating and meaningful on-the-job learning and opportunities for employment after studies. The conservatory works closely with e.g. with Pori Jazz Festival, Pori Big Band and local entrepreneurs.

The Pop & Jazz Department of Pirkanmaa Music School

The Pop & Jazz Department of Pirkanmaa Music School gives education is several instruments, ensemble work and music theory. The education focuses on teaching the students skills in all the music styles of pop/jazz music, also including improvising and composing. The aim of the studies is to give the students the opportunity to participate in ensemble work during their studies. The graduates of the pop & jazz department can later apply for professional studies leading to a degree.

Pop & Jazz Conservatory

Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory was established in 1972. The 40-year-old school offers three-year program in the Pop/Jazz Musician and Pop/Jazz Music Technology.

The conservatory provides basic education and basic vocational training in the music industry. The students of the Pop & Jazz Conservatory's basic education receive stimuli that enrich their lives and support their aspirations through music. The goal of the conservatory is to support students’ enthusiasm and to provide tools for teamwork, as well as promote tolerance. The conservatory's professional bachelor's degree enables students to work as musicians and music technologists.

Savonia  School of Applied Science

 Savonia University of Applied Sciences offers a degree as a music teacher of rhythm music (pop / jazz) under the versatile guidance of top teachers in the field. The Kuopio Music Campus (Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio Conservatory, Kuopio Department of Sibelius Academy) annually offers interesting co-productions with dance education and classical music, even across unit boundaries with students in other fields of study.

The Jazz Department of Sibelius Academy

The jazz department at Sibelius Academy is the only university degree course of its kind in Finland. Its primary function is to provide the highest level of education in Finland regarding music based on the African-American tradition. Cooperation with international jazz schools and tutor and concert visits by interesting foreign jazz artists have laid the groundwork for various forms of international activity.

Sibelius Academy first launched the jazz programme in 1983. It is well established in Finnish cultural life and on the international jazz scene and brings together top Finnish jazz musicians as teachers and students. Many jazz music students come to Sibelius Academy from abroad. International master class visitors are a permanent and essential feature of jazz music instruction at Sibelius Academy.

Turku Conservatory

Turku Conservatory offers a 3-year program in music and music technology. The vocational studies give the student the qualifications they need in the future studies in a university or in a university of applied sciences. The students can concentrate on either classical music or pop/jazz music. The musicals, concerts and opera productions of the conservatory help the students to develop their skills as musicians. The different projects with the co-operation partners of the conservatory offer a possibility for the students to make connections to future employers.