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Jarmo Saari Solu
Jarmo Saari

Next of Kin


Design: Marja Konttinen

Album information

PerformerJarmo Saari Solu
Jarmo Saari
LabelRockadillo Records

Jarmo Saari

Where recordedVilla Tuglas, Helsinki


Next of Kin is the third album by Jarmo Saari Solu. The music was composed for a dance piece of the same title by choreographer Tero Saarinen.

In his characteristic way, multi-instrumentalist Saari has created the music by using both traditional and unusual musical and everyday objects, such as toys and dishes. The creative process spanned roughly two years and the compositions came into being in interaction with the dance choreography.

Saari describes Next of Kin as "a hallucinatory journey into the collective unconscious and a quest to discover the roots of our fears."


  1. Inner Demons (Glass Prologue)Jarmo Saari
  2. Mad NestJarmo Saari
  3. Black ForestJarmo Saari
  4. Gallery of CharactersJarmo Saari
  5. Waltz of SorrowJarmo Saari
  6. Strand of SolitudeJarmo Saari
  7. Primal DreamJarmo Saari
  8. Horror PortraitJarmo Saari
  9. Frantic SeekerJarmo Saari
  10. LamentJarmo Saari
  11. Pedal HeavenJarmo Saari
  12. TurmoilJarmo Saari
  13. Alternative Path (Glass Epilogue)Jarmo Saari