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Jarmo Saari Solu

Jarmo Saari Solu

Kuva/ Photo: Kie & Anselmo




A one-man guitar band that sounds like a whole orchestra. Just when you thought that you had heard everything, Jarmo Saari Solu brings electric guitar to the new millenium. His sonic landscapes and often multi-layered real-time sound processing -- created by the electric guitar, human voice or several odd instruments, including theremin and glassharp -- are essential on his solo albums and have enriched the sound of many jazz combos, rock groups, chamber ensembles and big bands. "For me music is about love, interaction, adventure, being curious and making choices. It's my pleasure and responsibility as an artist to dig in deeper and reach higher, no matter how difficult or dangerous it seems. I want to think of myself as poet, painter, laboratorian, explorer or medicine man. A craftsman ...

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cover Next of Kin 2008 Rockadillo Records
cover The Making of Love 2007 Rockadillo Records
cover Solu 2004 Rockadillo Records