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Timo Lassy

Love Bullet


Album information

PerformerTimo Lassy


Love Bullet is saxophonist Timo Lassy's fourth studio album. The album came out on Must Have Jazz, a sublabel of German Membran.

Love Bullet takes the expression of the charismatic tenor man and his tight-knit crew to the next level, while retaining Lassy's signature, warm sound. The album features Lassy's core crew, known from his previous albums: Georgios Kontrafouris on the Wurlitzer piano and organ; Antti Lötjönen on the bass; Teppo Mäkynen on the drums and Abdissa Assefa on the percussion. In addition, trumpeter Jukka Eskola and vibes player Panu Savolainen appear as guests.

“While my previous studio album was a cooking session, all about spontaneous feels, Love Bullet is a more concentrated effort”, Lassy says. “The main emphasis is on compositions that make up a harmonious whole.”

M. A. Numminen, an eminent figure in Finnish cultural life, has provided the sleeve notes. He writes that there is "a certain metaphysical approach" in Lassy’s music which "allows the listener to experience the sacredness of jazz music.”


  1. Love IntroTeppo Mäkynen
  2. Green Pepper StrutTimo Lassy
  3. Love BulletTimo Lassy
  4. Hip or NotTimo Lassy
  5. Fast FabioTimo Lassy
  6. Stay CloseTimo Lassy
  7. We Jazz ThemeTimo Lassy
  8. Waltz UnsolvedTimo Lassy
  9. UndecidedTimo Lassy
  10. Bullet OutroTeppo Mäkynen