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Salesvuo Syncopation

Complete Loft Sessions


Album information

PerformerSalesvuo Syncopation
TypeCD, digi
LabelEclipse Music

Äänitys: Mikko Helevä (Linenfield Studios)

Miksaus: Mamba Assefa (Ambience Studios)

Masterointi: Daniel Hagström

Kansi: Seppo Laine

Valokuva: Antti Rintala

Vanhempi laaduntarkkailija: Tapio Ylinen (Eclipse Music)

Tuottaja: Tomi Salesvuo



Salesvuo Syncopation bursts the joy of playing together and leans on a deep swing.

Tomi Salesvuo's new compositions and the band’s original arrangements for the classic Finnish hit songs makes the repertoire shine. Long time friends Pope PuolitaivalMikko Helevä and Tomi Salesvuo played their first jam during the Sibelius-Academy Jazz department studies in the mid 90s. Since then the musicians have worked in various projects together during the years.

Salesvuo Syncopation’s debut album release Complete Loft Sessions underlines the interpretation that captures the listener with Salesvuo's playful melodies and the trio's energetic performance.


  1. Opener Drag
  2. Syncopation
  3. Tahroja paperilla
  4. We Do What We Do
  5. Aarni At B-Flat
  6. Toiset meistä
  7. Villejä lupiineja
  8. Picture This
  9. Mr. Prince