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Jussi Fredriksson Trio

Archipelago Sea Tales


Cover: Pekka Tuppurainen

Album information

PerformerJussi Fredriksson Trio
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelFlame Jazz Records

Äänitys ja miksaus: Matti Fredriksson
Masterointi: Svante Forsbäck, Chartmakers
Videot ja valokuvat: Ilkka Arola
Levynkannet: Pekka Tuppurainen



The compositions on Jussi Fredriksson Trio’s Archipelago Sea Tales tell stories about the most beautiful archipelago in the world, with moods shifting between dystopian gloom and a shimmering spectrum of color.

Archipelago Sea Tales by the internationally acclaimed Jussi Fredriksson Trio tells beautiful stories about the world's most amazing archipelago. During the corona pandemic, pianist Jussi Fredriksson wrote a new program for the trio, in which the composer was inspired by themes from the archipelago's romance to the natural disaster of the Archipelago Sea. The songs from Archipelago Sea Tales album originated in Aspo, Nauvo, Bränskär, Gullkrona and other stunning islands in the outer archipelago. The album tells about the current gloomy state of the Baltic Sea, as well as its beauty and fascinating spectrum of colors.

Dead Sea, Käkkärämänty, Splatter, Swan Love, Red Ocher and other compositions on the album got their spark from the archipelago colors that Fredriksson associates with certain tunes. The environmental problems of the Baltic Sea are part of Fredriksson's music. Released as the first single, Dead Sea is a requiem for the world’s most spectacular Archipelago Sea.

Fredriksson also wrote a waltz on the album dedicated to the pianist's second home in Korppoo - Korpo Waltz is also the theme song for the Archipelago Sea Jazz festival series that Fredriksson has been part of founding.

The crackling tune Splatter, on the other hand, offers a fresh soundscape of the world’s most beautiful archipelago. The composition, which depicts the splashes of the sea and the endless splendor of colors, takes the listener on a fascinating sea adventure, where the waves of tones lead towards the port of light.

Fredriksson has been playing with bassist Jori Huhtala and drummer Mika Kallio since 2014. Together the piano trio paints warm but foreboding musical images were less is more.


  1. Dead Sea
  2. Splatter
  3. Käkkärämänty
  4. Red Ochre
  5. Chase
  6. Swan Love
  7. Korpo Waltz
  8. Rock
  9. Improvisation