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Jussi Fredriksson is a Finnish jazz musician, composer, music pedagogue and producer. Born in 1980, Fredriksson originally hails from the culturally rich city of Turku and nowadays lives in Helsinki. He plays an active part in the jazz lives of both of the cities and works actively as a musician, manning both pianist/keyboardist slots and drum stools of several ensembles operating at the forefront of the lively Finnish jazz scene. Recently Fredriksson has also taken a more active part in the workings of the Finnish Jazz Federation, becoming a member of the organisation’s board in 2012.

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Own albums

cover Jazz Wars I & II 2012 Fredriksson Music
cover Tidewaters 2011 Fredriksson Music
cover Busy Turtles 2009 Fredriksson Music
cover ! 2018 Fredriksson Music
cover !+? 2018 Fredriksson Music
cover ? 2014 Fredriksson Music
cover Rebirth of the Bad 2012 KHY Suomen musiikki
cover Bad Jazz 2010 KHY Suomen musiikki