Warp!, a quartet formed by four jazz musicians of the younger generation, became known when they won the Finnish qualifying round for the Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition in 2003. As the winners they represented Finland in the main competition, organised in Oslo, Norway, that year.

Warp!’s music is a blend of electronic and acoustic soundscapes, and the compositions, written mainly by pianist Antti Rissanen, combine jazz seamlessly with pop and contemporary music.

The group brought out their debut, One Note Stories, in 2005. In the same spring they went on a tour organised by the Finnish Jazz Federation, performing renditions of the Icelandic superstar, Björk’s, electro-acoustic songs in jazz arrangements. On these interpretations Warp! proved capable of subtle and innovative fusion of American and European traditions of  jazz, while adding in colours from a distinctly Nordic sonic palette.

transl. Annamari Innanen 26.3.2014