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Mighty Mighty

Mighty Mighty

Mighty Mighty is a sextet founded in 2009 and lead by pianist Kari Setälä. Behind their sure-handed sound is an experienced crew, consisting of six key figures of today’s Finnish jazz scene. Stylistically the group sucks its nutrients from the rich soil of the 60s and 70s jazz tradition. Setälä pens the majority of the compositions.

The debut album, See The Light, came out in January 2014 on the prestigious Milan-based record label, Schema Records. Schema is known to the Finnish jazz audience also as the publisher of Jukka Eskola’s and Timo Lassy’s newest albums. The album introduced a quintet spiced up by Assefa’s percussion that strode confidently from the intense swing of classic hard bop to more electric moods, and exploring everything in between. The debut that falls into two halves that differ in their sonic landscape and influence has been praised by domestic and international jazz media alike for its subtle versatility, carried out with a consummate taste. The album was released also in the United States, Japan, Australia, and around Europe.

"Tremendous swinging hard bop from a great Finnish band lead by pianist Kari Setala. The musicianship is superb and tight throughout. Backyard Boogie and Karma are full-on dancefloor jazz killers. This excellent album could turn out to be one of the best jazz albums of 2014. " - Echoes Magazine, UK

Annamari Innanen 16.7.2014