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Guitarist Kalle Kalima's group K-18 is situated between avantgarde and free improvisation. The musicians, Kalima, Innanen, Hauta-Aho, Kujala, are known for their virtuosic, highly individual style with a strong emphasis on improvisation. The group is constantly looking for new soundscapes by using micro-intervals and contrasts between acoustic and electronic instruments.

Their debut album was released by TUM Records in November 2010 and was a candidate for the Finnish Jazz Emma Prize. Their sophomore Out to Lynch, which drew from feature films by David Lynch, won the prize of 2012. They continued their expedition in the world of cinema on the third album, Buñuel de Jour (2014), which was inspired by the repertoire of Spanish filmmaker, Luis Buñuel.

ed. Annamari Innanen 26.9.2014