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Elias Nieminen Ensemble

Elias Nieminen Ensemble


  • Aapo Räsänen
  • Antti Mäkynen
  • Elias Nieminen
  • Joel Kolehmainen
  • Lotta Hirvonen
  • Max Loponen
  • Milena Albanese
  • Minja Bovellan
  • Otto Porkkala
  • Pessi Jouste
  • Pihla Pallas
  • Roope Jokinen
  • Sakari Kervinen
  • Sanni Rämö
  • Santeri Saari
  • Susanna Syrjäläinen
  • Viivi Rättyä
Genrecinematic / big band

Elias Nieminen Ensemble is a large, 17-member band that combines light and classical music, founded by drummer-composer Elias Nieminen in 2021.

Nieminen's orchestral ensemble is divided in three parts, e.g., rhythm, strings and wind instruments, on whose dialogue and joint sound the music is based. Nieminen’s compositions are tailor-made for this special ensemble and make extensive use of the technical possibilities offered by different instruments. The ensemble’s work is best experienced live and their debut album Wave offers precisely such an experience.