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Pekka Lehti


Kuva/ Photo: Nauska



Pekka Lehti (b. 1965) went through a real music school by playing over one thousand gigs as the bassist of J. Karjalainen & Mustat lasit -group in 1982-1989. After this he has been more concentrated on jazz and folk music. In 1990s Lehti studied at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and took private lessons from Pekka Sarmanto, Swedish bassist Anders Jormin and Danish bass player Jens Jefsen.

Lehti arrived to the jazz field for the first time in the beginning of 1990s in organist J-P Virtanen's trio. The trio was part of the early version of Cool Sheiks and on the debut album of the band, Cool Sheiks (1991), Lehti played as well. Virtanen's The JP's performed actively during the 1990s and released four albums altogether. The organjazz trio was a famous liveband and inspired many listeners to familiarize themselves more with organjazz. In the late-1990s Lehti played for a while also in the electronic jazzfunktrio of pianist Pessi Levanto, Burn!.

In 1993-2002 Lehti got to experience the worldwide success as the bassist of the modern ethnomusic group Värttinä. The different folk music influences were present also in ZetaBoo, a jazztrio of Lehti, guitarist Jarmo Saari and drummer Marko Timonen that was formed in 1992. Singer and accordeonist Anna-Mari Kähärä joined ZetaBoo in the mid-1990s and in 1997 the band released their debut album and toured actively around Finland.

In 2000 Lehti released the delicate album Outo voima that included different duo-acts. Outo voima was the first release of Lehti's own record label Aito Records and as the duo-partners for the bassist worked for example Jarmo Saari, Wimme Saari, singer Sanna Kurki-Suonio and Timo Alakotila. Besides Lehti's own projects, Aito Records has  released several albums from different artists, such as Maria Kalaniemi and Markku Lepisto, and gained a distinguished status on the field of world music internationally.

Lehti returned to the field of jazz in guitarist Valtteri Pöyhönen's band Dalindèo where Lehti played from 2004 to 2010. Dalindèo, that combines the dancefloor groovejazz with the influences of Brazilian music, has quickly gained more and more success since the release of the band's debut album Open Scenes in 2007.