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Jukka Gustavson

pianist/ organist/ composer

Kuva/ Photo: Anton Kalland

Jukka Gustavson (b. 1951) is a veteran of the Finnish rhythm music who played and composed himself to the history of Finnish progressive rock in Wigwam in the beginning of 1970s. One of the first idols for Gustavson was the jazzorgan legend Jimmy Smith and the jazz influences have been present in Gustavson's compositions and organ playing also more and more.

During his career Gustavson has released 11 soloalbums. In the beginning of the 1990s Jukka Gustavson's albums continued the legacy of the unique fusion music that he had created on his soloalbums earlier. In 1999 J-P Virtanen produced Jukka Gustavson's organjazz album Moments for the record label Texicalli's sublabel Impala. This groovejazz album had six Gustavson's instrumental compositions and a soulful version of Beatles' Yesterday.

With the next release Between Fire and Ice (2003) Gustavson changed his record label to Rockadillo. The recording line-up in Jukka Gustavson Organ Fusion had started to perform with the name Jang Vans, including saxophonist Pentti Lahti, bassist Juha Verona and drummer Rami Eskelinen. The overall expression on the album was quite jazzy but the electric bass made it sound a bit more funky. The album got good reviews and the band toured actively in 2004, for example on Finnish Jazz Federation's tour in January 2004.

On tour guitarist Pekka Nylund featured Organ Fusion Band and played also on the next album of the band. Gustavson started to write lyrics again and this album includes many vocal tracks with the personal fusion touch of the keyboardist. In September 2005 Jukka Gustavson featured as a soloist for UMO Jazz Orchestra in a concert that consisted of Gustavson's compositions arranged by Esa Onttonen and the keyboardist himself.

Besides Organ Fusion Band Jukka Gustavson activated in the beginning of the 21st century his Hot Toe -group who had it's roots in Sahti-group from the late-70s. The album Toinen maisema (Rockadillo, 2006) had a bit more rock'n'roll attitude than the albums of Organ Fusion Band but the fusion of different atmospheres and the emphatizing expression of the maestro, that is characteristic for Gustavson, were present at the concept of Hot Toe as well. Gustavson has also for long composed music for dance productions, especially for his wife Leena Gustvason's productions.