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Kari Ikonen Trio

Wind, Frost & Radiation


Photo by Antti Kokkola; Cover design by Nina Sangenstedt

Album information

PerformerKari Ikonen Trio
LabelOzella Music

Äänitys syyskuussa 2017:
Michael Dahlvid, Studio Nilento, Ruotsi
Miksaus lokakuussa 2017:
Lars Nilson, Studio Nilento, Ruotsi
Hans-Jörg Maucksch, Pauler Acoustics, Saksa.
Tuottaja Kari Ikonen

All compositions by Kari Ikonen except Waltz composed by Aram Khachaturian, arranged by Kari Ikonen.
Poem ”The roaring frost” by Alice Meynell.



Kari Ikonen Trio's third album was released in April 2018. The album s full of powerful expression and strong feelings.

Kari Ikonen Trio is widely known for fearless desire to experiment and strong energy. The new album takes the listener to the darker side of the soul and closer to deep thoughts, strong feelings and powerful expression.

Wind, Frost & Radiation is trio’s third studio album, the first one the trio releases with this ensemble, after bassist Olli Rantala joined  pianist Kari Ikonen and drummer Markku Ounaskari couple years ago.  The trio's energetic and barrier-breaking style is taken even further than before and again the members prove they are fearless in front of the emotional unknown.

Kari Ikonen, piano,
Olli Rantala, double bass 
Markku Ounaskari, drums, 
Mia Simanainen, vocals in "The Roaring Frost"


  1. HarmattanKari Ikonen
  2. PripyatKari Ikonen
  3. LevotonKari Ikonen
  4. KuruKari Ikonen
  5. BeatamenteKari Ikonen
  6. The Roaring FrostKari Ikonen
  7. Waltz from The Masquerade SuiteAram Khachaturian; arr. Kari Ikonen