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MÖLy Trio

Trails, Trials & Trolls


Album information

PerformerMÖLy Trio
TypeCD / digi
  • Jaakko Martikainen
  • Johan Ölander
  • Pasi Lyysaari
LabelEclipse Music


Turku-based jazzband MÖLy Trio released their second album Trails, Trials & Trolls on May 2019. The 2015 founded band released their debut Floating in Nauvo and Other Stories in winter 2017. The second album takes the sound from archipelago jazz to darker waters.

Trails, Trials & Trolls presents new sound from west coast. The second album of MÖLy Trio is inspired by jazz and rock traditions. The sound combines tranquil and tight roasting.

The band is founded in 2015 and consists of Jaakko Martikainen (sax, flute), Johan Ölander (drums) and Pasi Lyysaari (bass). They all also compose for the band.


  1. The F-word Model P
  2. 1am 3am
  3. Mot Åland
  4. Know Now (But Still)
  5. Bullet allée
  6. A Nightsong
  7. Metsässä - In the Wood
  8. Upstairs of the Dentist
  9. Echo Echo
  10. Left, Right or Green
  11. Möly Tune1