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Sofia Perhomaa



Cover: Säde Puusa/Studio Kupu

Album information

PerformerSofia Perhomaa
TypeCD, digi
  • Aku Tervakangas
  • Benjamin Nylund
  • Ida Alanen
  • Otto Porkkala
  • Sami Jaakkola
  • Sofia Perhomaa
LabelEclipse Music

Äänitys ja miksaus Joona Pirilä/Aava Audio Tonehills Studio elokuu 2021 (jälkiäänityksenä lisäyksiä mm. köörit ja percussiot)

Masterointi Svante Forsbäck/Chartmakers

Levyn sävellys, sanat, sovitus ja tuottaja: Sofia Perhomaa 

Levykannen kuva Säde Puusa/Studio Kupu

Genrevocal jazz / jazz blues


Singer Sofia Perhomaa's debut album Temppuja is strongly in the tradition of blues music and vocal jazz of the early 20th century, with the unique addition of the Finnish language. Recorded live in the studio, the album exudes nostalgia, but changing the language brings a new charm to Perhomaa's tradition-conscious compositions.

Sofia Perhomaa is an Oulu-born singer-songwriter who after spending ten years studying, working and adventuring abroad, moved to Helsinki to spend her thirties and think about whether something should be done with the hundreds of songs she had written by then. A hard, self-financed school began, during which Perhomaa gigged wherever she could, sat in jazz bars and practiced vibrato in her bedroom. Interest in the talented singer-songwriter has arisen in industry circles: Perhomaa sings in multiple languages ​​and interprets blues, jazz and bossa nova with a charismatic and gently ironic touch.

Perhomaa's years of determined work culminates in her debut album, which this vocalist has composed, written, arranged and produced herself from start to finish. The album is an intimate cross-section of Perhomaa's life and musical influences so far.

Blues and vocal jazz from the beginning of the 20th century are part of the album's compositions, adapted to the Finnish soul landscape. In Perhomaa's texts, the life experience of a global citizen and observations of society's grievances are combined with an insightful treatment of one's own personal history. Laughter and a touch of flirt lighten the mood, making it possible to look at the rough parts of life with gentle understanding. The language of the album is Finnish, which together with the artist's beautiful alto voice brings the songs close to the listener.

For the album, Perhomaa has brought together a young and talented jazz band, whose players bring Perhomaa's lyrics to life - the show is in danger of being stolen by the promising guitarist Otto Porkkala in particular. The album is a live recording, in a traditional and nowadays rare way, which increases its atmosphere and intensity.


  1. Kullankaivaja
  2. Piikatyttö kuuraa
  3. En haluu muuttaa sua 
  4. Fabio ja Silvio
  5. Johnny
  6. Ei tää oo bluus
  7. Tahdon kaiken
  8. Temppuja
  9. Voi pieni poika