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Dave Forestfield
Ville Lehtovaara

Teleport Operation


Album information

PerformerDave Forestfield
Ville Lehtovaara
TypeCD, digi
  • Dave Forestfield
  • Ville Lehtovaara
LabelEclipse Music

Kaikki säv. Forestfield, paitsi

#1 & #10 Forestfield / Lehtovaara / Petteri Soininen

#2 Forestfield / trad.

#8 Forestfield / Lehtovaara

Genreblues, alternative rock, roots


Blues artist Dave Forestfield and drummer Ville Lehtovaara released the joint album Teleport Operation in April 2022.

The album is not pure blues music in the traditional sense, although the influences are obvious. With the album, Dave Forestfield and Ville Lehtovaara draw extensively on the means of rhythmic music and also dive into the world of alternative rock / country / roots music.

"We wanted to surprise each other. We never saw each other during the process, but sent each other instrumental and vocal tracks, and then made additions to them. I wrote and recorded most of the songs over Ville's rhythm loops. Finally, after a few months, Ville edited the songs to the shape he wanted and always showed me only the finished version" says Dave. "With this record, we reached a lot of new and different spheres to ourselves."

In both the US and Finland, award-winning singer-songwriter Forestfield and drummer-producer Lehtovaara have previously worked together on the all-star single Don't Let Coronavirus Drag You Down (2020) and on Forestfield's album Loyal Till The Bitter End (2015), from which Teleport Operation features a new version of the song Big Wheels Are Rolling Again. Forestfield also visited Lehtovaara's solo debut Regroovable (2018).


  1. Real Close Look
  2. Diddy Wa Diddy
  3. Bright Day Comin'
  4. Big Wheels Are Rolling Again
  5. Circles 'round The Sun
  6. Come As You Are

  7. Soon Forgotten
  8. CB's Seven Dollars
  9. Indescribable
  10. Indescribable, part 2
  11. Out In The Cold