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Songs for Harry S. Truman


Cover: Juha Koivusalo

Album information

LabelEclipse Music

Julkaisija: Tapio Ylinen, Eclipse Music
Tuottaja: Ilkka Uksila
Äänitys: Matias Kiiveri ja Teppo Laitila (assistentti), Hollywood House
Miksaus: Matias Kiiveri, Hollywood House
Masterointi: Pauli Saastamoinen, Finnvox
Kansikuva ja graafinen suunnittelu: Juha Koivusalo
Valokuvat: Katja Uksila
Sävellykset: Ilkka Uksila
Kiitokset: Marc Muellbauer, Mikko Sarvanne, Max Zenger, Janne Saarinen, Jori Sjöroos, Mikko Toikka, Katja Uksila

Where recordedHollywood House


Uxila Exile's debut Songs for Harry S. Truman takes the listener on a journey to the final days of World War II.

The 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman, is on the brink of fundamental issues. What kind of values you'd have to have to apply for a position where inconsolable decisions about life and death will be made? How does it feel to live with these decisions that can lead to absolute destruction? Uxila Exile's album reflects on the importance of love during different phases of life and attempts to show where the lack of it can lead to.

Vibraphonist/composer Ilkka Uksila's melodic and easily approachable compositions deal with universal themes, such as love and violence, by using both historical and fictional events from near and far as examples. The songs are eventually brought to life by the quartet's expressive ensemble playing and proficient soloism. While the album is contemporary European jazz, it is also a message for Harry and everyone alike.


  1. Crane Island
  2. Song for Harry
  3. Navy Blues
  4. One Grain of Sand
  5. Minnesota
  6. Trace(s)
  7. Land of Scorpions
  8. Wings