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Heikki Ruokangas



Cover art: Esa Leskelä ; Layout: Johanna Ruotsalainen

Album information

PerformerHeikki Ruokangas
LabelEclipse Music

Produced by Heikki Ruokangas & Henrik Hako-Rita
Recorded during summer 2016 in Oulu
Mixed and mastered by Jyrki Rehell



Monologues is first solo-album from Oulu-based jazzguitarist Heikki Ruokangas released in spring 2017.

Heikki Ruokangas made his first jazzalbum Change of Thought with fellow guitarist Joni Nyberg at 2015. It was released through London-based F-IRE Records. Now it is time for his first soloalbum Monologues through Eclipse Music.

Monologues contains familiar piece from previous album, a beautiful song "Grip de Sip" which brings brasilian bossa nova alive now solely by Ruokangas himself. Previous album received praise for subtle, down to earth-attitude athmosphere and Monologues continues this "easy to listen" approach.

Heikki Ruokangas studied music in Oulu Conservatory and found jazz there. Since then Ruokangas has studied jazz-improvisations with many legends, Raoul Björkenheim being one of his mentors. Ruokangas has found his own voice as a jazzguitarist and delivers it beatifully in Monologues. He has distinct way to make his playing flow, making it light and easy without losing an inch to Björkenheims virtuosity. Ruokangas plays with such an ease that you can easily see landscapes and feelings passing by when listening to Monologues. Light, flowing, soft and sometimes almost violently rough album plays easily with jazzheritage. Monologues is a prime example why good jazz does not have to bow to geographic locations -it bows only to passion.


  1. A scene from the play Liikkumattomat hissitRuokangas
  2. Grip de sip (Ruokangas
  3. Secret loveS. Fain
  4. Pyramids Ruokangas
  5. Autumn is almost here Ruokangas
  6. HailuotoRuokangas
  7. Here’s that rainy dayJ. van Heusen
  8. KuutioRuokangas
  9. Sininen uni T. Rautavaara