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Josu Mämmi



Cover design: Josu Mämmi

Album information

PerformerJosu Mämmi
TypeLP, digi
LabelFlame Jazz Records

Digitaalinen jakelu: Playground Music Finland
Fyysinen jakelu: Flame Jazz Records
Formaatit: digitaalinen ja LP (vinyyli)
Äänitys, miksaus ja masterointi: Josu Mämmi, 2020
Cover design: Josu Mämmi


With his first album Mirari, electronic music expert Josu Mämmi serves hypnotic sound poetry and fascinating improvisation together with Finland's most interesting artists.

Mirari is the first full-length album by Helsinki-based musician Josu Mämmi. The album is a fascinating electro-acoustic dissertation on sampling, improvisation and interaction. The ensemble brings together influences from jazz, new art music, ethno and electronic music, and each song is based on a joint improvisation between the visiting artist and Mämmi.

The album, recorded in the summer of 2020, features an interesting group of musicians from different genres - e.g. cellist Aino Juutilainen, saxophonist Max Zenger and trumpet player Martti Vesala bring a unique sound to the works. Josu Mämmi's primary instruments are the Elektron Octatrack sampler and a modular synthesizer, which give rhythms, tones and phrases their final surprising forms. The space and echoes also act on the album as if they were their own instrument and as connecting links between the songs.

The title of the album Mirari comes from Latin and refers to the wonder and admiration of the world. Mirari tells the story of searching for and discovering oneself in a rapidly changing world.

Josu Mämmi's debut album is Flame Jazz Records' sixth release.

“Finnish Maestro Josu Mämmi deserves every little bit of success he gets.” – DJ Mag UK

“Mämmi is definitely one to keep an eye on both for EDM and more experimental forms of electronica.” – Layla Marino, YourEDM


  1. Pinnacles
  2. Heart To Hold It
  3. Glocal
  4. Musica Bassa Modern
  5. Cybeles Keys
  6. Resubmerged
  7. Good Crises
  8. Still Waters Run Deep
  9. Thistle Root
  10. Sharpnel
  11. Words Were Like Magic
  12. The Goal Of Odysseus