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Kalevi Hämäläinen Group

First Days of Summer


Album information

PerformerKalevi Hämäläinen Group
TypeCD, digi
  • Ilmari Hämäläinen
  • Juho Koskivirta
  • Kalevi Hämäläinen
  • Valtteri Rouhiainen
LabelEclipse Music

Tuottaja: Kalevi Hämäläinen
Sävellykset: Kalevi Hämäläinen
Sovitukset: Kalevi Hämäläinen Group, lukuunottamatta kappaletta Flying Desires, jonka sovituksesta vastaavat Kalevi Hämäläinen Group, Aapo Heinonen ja Akseli Liukkonen, sekä kappaletta For Better Times, jonka sovituksesta vastaavat Kalevi Hämäläinen, Ilmari Hämäläinen ja Valtteri Rouhiainen
Äänitys: Leevi Kohonen Finnvoxin B-Studiossa 14.–16.12.2018
Miksaus: Leevi Kohonen
Masterointi: Pauli Saastamoinen
Levyn kansikuva ja sisäkannen kuva: Sonja Behm
Levyn taitto: Aarni Ylinen
Luontoäänet kappaleen First Days of Summer lopussa on äänittänyt Eemil Helin

Produced by Kalevi Hämäläinen
All compositions by Kalevi Hämäläinen
All songs arranged by Kalevi Hämäläinen Group, except Flying Desires by Kalevi Hämäläinen Group, Aapo Heinonen and Akseli Liukkonen, and For Better Times by Kalevi Hämäläinen, Ilmari Hämäläinen and Valtteri Rouhiainen
Recorded by Leevi Kohonen at Finnvox B-Studio in Helsinki during December 14th–16th 2018
Mixed by Leevi Kohonen
Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen
Photography by Sonja Behm
Layout by Aarni Ylinen
Nature sounds in the song First Days of Summer by Eemil Helin

Where recordedFinnvox B-Studio


First Days of Summer is Kalevi Hämäläinen Group's debut album, which was published in spring 2020 via Eclipse Music. First Days of Summer is an unapologetic rush of positive energy from a young and ambitious group of talented musicians: pianist-composer Kalevi Hämäläinen, drummer Ilmari Hämäläinen, guitarist Juho Koskivirta and bassist Valtteri Rouhiainen.

Formed in 2015, Kalevi Hämäläinen Group takes its influences from modern fusion jazz, but also from prog rock and, melodically, even from pop music. Using predominantly major keys, their harmonic palette is uplifting but not without twists and turns.

"To me the early part of summer has always been a time of freedom and liberation. I found that I had been contemplating these themes in my compositions not only in the theme song but in other songs on the record as well. So this is, in a way, a 'theme album' by accident" says composer Kalevi Hämäläinen. "Whether you think of steaming highways in Florida or warm evenings in the Finnish wilderness under the midnight sun, this music fits those places really well."

Even though the band was formed five years before publishing its debut album, the ensemble wanted to take time to develop its sound and craft its compositions as good as possible before going into the studio to record.

Album has been financially supported by South Savo Regional Fund of Finnish Cultural Foundation and it has been released on CD, streaming and download.

Kalevi Hämäläinen Group
Kalevi Hämäläinen – Piano, compositions
Ilmari Hämäläinen – Drums
Juho Koskivirta – Guitar
Valtteri Rouhiainen – Bass


  1. Grasshopper
  2. Flying Desires
  3. Exit 68
  4. Sense Of Urban
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. For Better Times
  7. Phellooti
  8. First Days Of Summer