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Riitta Paakki Trio



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PerformerRiitta Paakki Trio


Riitta Paakki Trio, consisting of Finlands top jazz musicians, pianist Riitta Paakki, bassist Antti Lötjönen and drummer Jaska Lukkarinen released their new album Characters on the 9th of April under the label ”Jaskaa”. The album consists of 1960's compositions from the legendary saxofonist and composer Wayne Shorters (born 1933) which Paakki has recomposed for her piano trio. With new arrangements some of these classics have been transformed completely while others stick more to their original tone.

Characters -album is a modern piano interpretation of the saxofonist Wayne Shorters 1960's renowned compositions from label ”Blue Note”. Riitta Paakki Trio transforms songs to reflect their own style, where Finnish melancholy and the trios powerful interpretations combine with Shorters strong melodies, swinging rythm and delicate ambiance. The albums name ”Characters”, points out the differences between the trios personalities and musical nuances which meet and mix on the album. ”Shorters compositions are unique and strong, and in our release these combine with the trios different and strong personalities as musicians” Riitta Paakki describes.

Less frequently seen on stage, Riitta Paakki Trio presents a new lineup alongside with a new album, as previous band members bassist Ari-Pekka Anttila and drummer Mikko Hassinen were replaced by younger generation jazz musicians drummer Jaska Lukkarinen and bassist Antti Lötjönen. Originally founded in 1996, the trio published three albums under the label "Impala", with their debut album being nominated for the Jazz-Emma prize. Characters is the first album release from the new lineup.


  1. This Is for Albert
  2. Yes or No
  3. Wild Flower
  4. Speak No Evil
  5. Infant Eyes
  6. Pinocchio
  7. Miyako