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Katu Kaiku

Broken Piece


Album information

PerformerKatu Kaiku
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelEclipse Music

Äänitys: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko @ Kallio-Kuninkala
Miksaus: Mikael Saastamoinen
Masterointi: Jarno Alho, Alho Audio Mastering

Where recordedKallio-Kuninkala


With their third album Broken Piece Katu Kaiku continues painting the electronic soundscapes of their previous album, influenced by among others Cinematic Orchestra and Oddarrang.

Originally an acoustic jazz trio, the band renewed their sound to an electronic direction with their second album, and on the third album they break boundaries with even more musical styles. Their music, which runs between art-pop, electro-acoustic contemporary music and minimalist jazz, consists of memorable melodies, effected electric bass and grooves in different tempos.

Katu Kaiku has been playing together since 2013 and after winning the 2015 Finnish Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition, the band released their debut album Tokyo/Kuopio. In the spring of 2019, their second album Luna (Svart Records) was released. Broken Piece was in turn released by Eclipse Music.


  1. Remember November(Saastamoinen)
  2. Black Surroundings(Sauros)
  3. Routinely(Sauros)
  4. Delay for a Kiss(Saastamoinen)
  5. Broken Piece(Sauros)
  6. Sinestasia(Saastamoinen)
  7. Hanm(Saastamoinen)
  8. Sparrow's Mistake(Sauros)