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Halme Prospekt



Album information

PerformerHalme Prospekt
TypeCD + digi
LabelKarkia Mistika Records

Rec: Eka Vekara @ Studio 24/7, Hepa Halme, Arttu Tolonen

Mix & master: Pentti Dassum @ Arkisto


Halme Prospekt’s new album Bluespektor is a sequel to Pajazzo album released in 2015; now then emerged narration has grown to epic dimensions.

Halme Prospekt's music draws from the blues, but here blues refers more to the blue undercurrent that to the actual genre. The musical elements are simple and clear but the expression varies like the flowing water. Rather than separate displays of talent, the solos are an organic part of the whole. The collective improvisation is an essential element on the album.

Bluespektor features special guests Pekko Käppi and Noel Saizonou.

Hepa Halme: woodwinds
Matti Riikonen: trumpet
Esa Onttonen: guitar
Arttu Tolonen: modular synth, guitar
Tapani Varis: bass, mouth organ, willow flute
Alf Forsman: drums

Pekko Käppi: bowed lyre
Noel Saizonou: percussion


  1. Blues For Allah pt I Jerry Garcia-Robert Hunter
  2. Generator 1 Arttu Tolonen
  3. Conference Of The BirdsDave Holland
  4. Blues For Allah pt IIJerry Garcia-Robert Hunter
  5. Generator 2Arttu Tolonen
  6. Exit OnlyHepa Halme