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Jori Huhtala 5

Jori Huhtala 5

Kuva/Photo: Tuomas Timonen

Jori Huhtala 5 is a newish band formed around bassist Jori Huhtala. The group's musical style ranges from lyrical to cacophonic, traditional to avant-garde and rhythm-driven to pulselessly lingering. While having jazz as the red thread and bedrock of their music, the group is not afraid of enriching their sound with some elements of pop and film music, too. At the core, however, lie bassist Huhtala's finely crafted compositions and the group members' outstanding skills in improvisation.

Their debut album is due to be released soon on label Fredriksson Music, accompanied by a tour. Since the first steps taken together as a group, Jori Huhtala 5 have been sought-after, and in autumn 2014, they will be seen on stage at Tampere Jazz Happening, for instance. All the members belong to the new generation of Finnish jazz musicians, and it is only a matter of time when their artistic vision and professionalism take them to worldwide circles.

 transl. Annamari Innanen