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Aki Rissanen combines Divided Horizon grand piano and unique Omniwerk with his new solo album


One of the most internationally known Finnish jazz artists of the moment, pianist Aki Rissanen will release his new solo album Divided Horizon digitally on Friday 25 June. The physical edition of the record will go on sale on September 3rd. In addition to the grand piano, the album features the Omniwerk keyboard player, of which there is only one in the world.

Pianist Aki Rissanen, who has been at the forefront of the European jazz field with his band Aki Rissanen Trio, will release his third solo album through the British record label Edition Records. In his solo production, Rissanen focuses on minimalist, melodic blanks that include his extensive experience in classical, jazz and electronic music.

In addition to the grand piano, Rissanen plays the unique keyboard player Omniwerk, created by harpsichord builder Jukka Ollikka and electronics visionary Jonte Knif.

Divided Horizon’s music took shape during the corona pandemic in the spring and summer of 2020. The music on the album has a lot of visual tones and emphasizing this, Rissanen has made three music videos:

Omniwerk Interlude:
Stream Lines:

Photo: Ville Juurikkala