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Timo Lassy



Original cover art: Ilari Hautamäk, Subtropic (2019)

Album information

PerformerTimo Lassy
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelWe Jazz Records

Sävellykset: Timo Lassy
Tuotanto: Timo Lassy & Abdissa Assefa
Jousisovitukset: Marzi Nyman
Jouset: Budapest Art Orchestra, cond. Peter Pejtsik (1., 2., 4., 7.)
Syntetisaattori, kosketinsoittimet: Tuomo Prättälä (3.), Valtteri Pöyhönen (7.), Timo Lassy (2., 5.)
Perkussiot: Abdissa Assefa (5.)
Äänitys ja miksaus: Abdissa Assefa / Ambience studios, Helsinki
Jousiäänitykset: East Connection Music Recording, Budapest
Masterointi: Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Alkuperäinen kansitaide: Ilari Hautamäki: "Subtropic" (2019)
Kansitaiteen valokuvaus: Jussi Tiainen
Design: Matti Nives



Tenor saxophonist Timo Lassy, one of Finland's leading jazz artists, is back with a new album release Trio on We Jazz Records. The album introduces Lassy's new combo with bassist Ville Herrala and drummer Jaska Lukkarinen.

The new Timo Lassy sound is tight, swinging and funky, led by the strong and riff-ready sax of the tenorman. That being said, the album's sound is not limited to that of the swinging trio. Lassy's new vision also brings in some subtle electronics (played by Lassy, Dalindèo frontman Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen and Ilmiliekki Quartet pianist Tuomo Prättälä) and lush strings performed by Budapest Art Orchestra as arranged by Finnish artist Marzi Nyman. It's a new sound for Lassy, but one which keeps true to his no-nonsense cookin' on the tenor.

This combination proves to be a winning one on the album, ranging from the more solemn moments on tracks such as Sunday 20 and Sointu to the all out groovers like Pumping C and Subtropical. The basic three cylinders of the band tenor sax, bass and drums, are strong throughout and the strings add air beneath the wings to really lift things off. Electronics are used as a tasty condiment, not taking over the main course but adding to it just right.

"We began the process with the bare bones trio but along the way, the sound started evolving into something else" Lassy explains. "That's how I like to work, anyway, while the trio can take this music to great lengths live, on the album I like to paint a fuller, more colourful picture sonically."

The sleeve of the album features the original artwork Subtropic by Finnish artist Ilari Hautamäki. 

"Epic and funky – more goodness from We Jazz. Beautifully produced."
– Quinton Scott, Strut Records (UK)

"Streicher und ein Souljazztrio – das hat in den besten Momenten einen filmmusikalischen Touch à la Quincy Jones."
– KulturNews (DE)

"With Trio, Lassy now releases perhaps his most ambitious recording to date.”
– Fred Grand, Jazz Journal (UK)

"Kickin’ kit drum, flashy jazz saxophone lines, and disco-evoking strings meld together into a clever, punchy cut that leaves me wanting more."
– Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses (US)


  1. Foreign Routes
  2. Better Together
  3. Sointu
  4. Sunday 20
  5. Subtropical
  6. Pumping C
  7. Orlo