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Mauri Mikkola Quintet

Tales of the Strange World


Cover: Kristiina Karsten

Album information

PerformerMauri Mikkola Quintet
LabelPilfink Records

Tuottajat: Mauri Mikkola & Kristiina Karsten
Äänitys, ohjelmointi ja miksaus: Mauri Mikkola
Masterointi: Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Graafinen suunnittelu: Kristiina Karsten
Yhtyeen kuva: Mauri Mikkola & Kristiina Karsten

Produced by: Mauri Mikkola & Kristiina Karsten
Recording, programming and mixing: Mauri Mikkola
Mastering: Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Cover design: Kristiina Karsten
Band photo: Mauri Mikkola & Kristiina Karsten

Genrejazz fusion


Join a progressive jazz fusion journey! Mauri Mikkola Quintet's second release consists of electric guitarist Mauri Mikkola's instrumental compositions.

The driving forces behind the concept album have been visuality, story-telling and the celebration of imagination, creativity and curiosity. Tales of the Strange World offers its listener expressive inspiration, challenge and wonder: the expedition through mystical, unfamiliar scenery and visions is ultimately a journey to the heart.


  1. Prologue: The Ticket(Mauri Mikkola)
  2. Pole of Inaccessibility(Mauri Mikkola)
  3. Night in the Glass Garden(Mauri Mikkola)
  4. Lost or Found(Mauri Mikkola)
  5. Caravan 6AM(Mauri Mikkola)
  6. Intergalactic Rollercoaster(Mauri Mikkola)
  7. Twilight Children(Mauri Mikkola)
  8. Abandoned House (Intro to Roaming Spirits)(Mauri Mikkola, Jouni "Tane" Kannisto)
  9. Roaming Spirits(Mauri Mikkola)
  10. Unthinkable Stories (Mauri Mikkola)
  11. Unicorn(Mauri Mikkola)
  12. Odd Times(Mauri Mikkola)
  13. Night Sky(Mauri Mikkola)
  14. Tales of the Strange World(Mauri Mikkola)