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Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet

Stars Aligned



The profitable collaboration between Soundpost Quintet and distinguished German record label Ozella Music continues on the quintet’s second album. Because of the debut album Helsinki Soundpost (2016) the quintet gained plenty of positive reputation in Finnish and foreign media.

Martti Vesala Soundpost Quintet led by young jazz generation trumpeter, Martti Vesala, released their new album Stars Aligned on 6th of April. In addition to Vesala, Soundpost Quintet consists of leading musicians of Finnish jazz: saxophonist Petri Puolitaipale, pianist Joonas Haavisto, percussionists Ville Pynssi and double bassist Juho Kivivuori. Soundpost Quintet has got their influence from dynamic post-bob jazz of Miles Davis’ 1960’s quintet and saxophone-composer Wayne Shorter’s elegant tone.

Due to frequent performing in recent years the group works together even tighter than before. Last year the ensemble performed eight concerts on Jazz Finland tour and in 2016 they were seen at Pori Jazz festival among other gigs. On Stars Aligned we hear the result of smooth cooperation and talented use of dynamics.

The ensemble performs Helsinki-based trumpeter Martti Vesala’s original and modern jazz compositions. In addition to modern urban post-bob jazz, the influence of pianist Keith Jarret’s experimental 1970’s quartet recordings can be heard on Stars Aligned. On the album Vesala presents his updated outlook of acoustic sound of jazz quintet and treats themes like flying and examination of celestial objects.


  1. Compulsion Martti Vesala
  2. The Sun's Eye Martti Vesala
  3. Stars Aligned Martti Vesala
  4. A Murder Of CrowsMartti Vesala
  5. The Lost Sea Martti Vesala
  6. Rooftops Martti Vesala
  7. Murky Green Martti Vesala
  8. Driving ForceMartti Vesala