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Joe Peri



Cover: Rich Fie

Album information

PerformerJoe Peri
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelFlame Jazz Records

Äänitys: Petri Majuri
Miksaus ja masterointi: Alon Benjamini
Design: Rich Fie

Where recordedE-Studio, Sipoo, syyskuu 2022


Perillä is drummer Joe Peri's quartet's debut album.

Perillä is New York City-based jazz drummer Joe Peri's debut album as a leader. The idea of forming the band came when Peri was on his way to the Helsinki airport and his cab driver said "Saadaan Peri perille!" ("Let's get Peri to the destination!") In Finnish "perillä" means "at the destination" but a play on words could have it translated literally as "at Peri".

The band features Peri’s favorite Finnish musicians: Max Zenger, Joonatan Rautio, and Kaisa Mäensivu. The legendary pianist, Dave Kikoski, was able to join in on a few tunes while he was already in Finland for a tour. The album features five of Peri’s original compositions, one original each by Mäensivu and Rautio, and the jazz standard If I Were A Bell.

"I like that the lack of harmony naturally places more emphasis on the drums and its role," Peri says about the band's "chord-less quartet" line up. "And I like the combination and contrast of Max and Joonatan. They are both such great saxophonists but they have totally different sounds and styles. Together they have a sound that is focused and energetic, but at the same time soothing and hypnotic."

With Peri’s first album, it’s fascinating to hear what this drummer who can play it all decides to do when he finally has all the freedom to choose.


  1. Crosswind(säv. Joe Peri)
  2. Blues for Vecna(säv. Joe Peri)
  3. If I Were a Bell(säv. Frank Loesser)
  4. Juno(säv. Joe Peri)
  5. Lemon & Tangerine(säv. Joe Peri)
  6. Palatine Hill(säv. Joe Peri)
  7. Gravity(säv. Kaisa Mäensivu)
  8. Request for Wisdom(säv. Joonatan Rautio)