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Markus Pesonen Hendectet



Album information

PerformerMarkus Pesonen Hendectet
TypeCD + digi
LabelBarefoot Records


Markus Pesonen Hendectet is an inventive eleven-piece orchestra uniting an international group of musicians who weave their diverse musical skills into audacious patterns. Padme is their second release, following the critically acclaimed Hum (2011).

The music of the hendectet combines the elements of both composed and improvised music. The pieces are written specially for the musicians involved and are tailored to each individual’s personality and particular skills.

The band enlivens a vast sound terrain stretching from contrabass clarinet to piccolo and further expanded by electronics, where the musicians create an electrifying spectrum of emotions and atmospheres. On a sonic journey to faraway places one gets to experience the Nordic inner landscape and an Indian traffic jam, wild sounds of the jungle and gentle bossa nova in Russian. Existing in the space between the extremities, Markus Pesonen Hendectet’s music brings a listener into acute awareness of the physical presence of sound.

Markus Pesonen Hendectet uses improvisation in an advanced way. Group improvisation is well incorporated into the music. What is more, the process of composing continues on stage — or in the studio — being informed by improvisation and reacting to it. There are openings inside the compositions, which allow Pesonen as a conductor to decide on the development of the piece. Such twofold use of improvisation keeps up the heat of the band’s live performances.

Source: Barefoot Records Homepage

Markus Pesonen (FI) guitar & electronics 
Satu-Maija Aalto (FI) vocals & violin
Live Berger Brekke (NO) accordion 
Petter Eldh (SE) bass
Marc Lohr (LU) drums & electronics
Otis Sandsjö (SE) saxophones & clarinet 
Uli Kempendorff (DE) saxophones & flute 
Liudas Mockunas
 (LI) saxophones & clarinets 
Tobias Wiklund (SE) trumpet & flugelhorn
Petter Hängsel (SE) trombone
Jonathan Ahlbom (SE) tuba



  1. North
  2. Blessing in disguise
  3. Flower of life
  4. Pad Me
  5. Bardo
  6. Funeral