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Olli Hirvonen



Cover © Benedict Kupstas

Album information

PerformerOlli Hirvonen
TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelRopeadope Records

Sävellykset: Olli Hirvonen (pl. Vegas, säv. Adrianne Lenker)

Tuotanto: Olli Hirvonen

Äänitys ja miksaus: John Davis

Masterointi: Alex DeTurk



Olli Hirvonen's album Kielo combines Nordic jazz and deep-rooted Americana influences.

Kielo deepens US-based guitarist Olli Hirvonen's playing and composition with roots-based influences. The album's nuanced sound palette consists of modern jazz, earthy Americana and raw folk-rock tones. The eight-track ensemble brings the expressiveness of stringed instruments to the limelight with the power of Hirvonen's guitars and Marty Kenney's six-string Fender VI electric bass tuned an octave lower, which are spurred on by Nathan Ellman-Bell's uncompromising drum work.

Known as a master of many musical styles, Hirvonen has drawn inspiration for his songs from J.S. Bach, Big Thief and Brian Blade Fellowship, as well as the works of author Rachel Cusk. The soundscape slides effortlessly from melancholy to burning intensity, and the full sound of analog recording gives the final touch to the atmosphere.

“When Hirvonen’s guitar comes roaring in – look out” 
– Phil Freeman, Stereogum


  1. Kielo
  2. Erode
  3. Outline
  4. Current
  5. Placeholder
  6. Lento
  7. Unceasing
  8. Vegas