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Cover: Kasperi Salovaara

Album information

TypeLP, CD, digi
LabelFlame Jazz Records

Sävellykset: Max Zenger, Jussi Fredriksson
Tuotanto: Jussi Fredriksson & Max Zenger
Äänitys: Abdissa Mamba Assefa, joulukuu 2021
Masterointi: Svante Forsbäck / Chartmakers
Valokuvat: Aleks Talve



The Icebreaker album is filled with icy themes, rich soundscapes, and intriguing compositions.

The long-awaited Icebreaker debut album by Max Zenger and the jazz lizard Fredator has finally been released!

The compositions delve into icy themes, combining intensely winding groove, beautiful tones of woodwinds, and a colorful surge of synthesizers. Moog and other instruments, masterfully played by Mikael Myrskog and Zenger on low woodwinds, alternate seamlessly between the roles of bassist and soloist while Fredator provides precise drumming "harmonies" to the wind instrument phrases. The live lineup is completed by the energetic guitar virtuoso Samuli Kivelä.

"In the studio, we managed to record a wonderfully cool entity with various moods and solo parts from one end to the other. Our music became narrative, captivating, and surprising, where every sound is an opportunity. Samuli Kivelä was exactly the needed and missing piece of our puzzle for live gigs," Fredator reflects from behind the drums and compositions.

The original idea for Freezer as a band has been simmering between Zenger and Jussi Fredriksson (Fredator) for over a decade. From time to time, the idea has been developed further, and because their collaboration in other projects and ensembles led by the duo (e.g., Aura Flow, Flame Jazz Messengers) has worked seamlessly, creating Icebreaker was a natural continuation.

"Composing songs together with Jussi and, for example, working out sounds and instrument combinations with Mikael has been a great and lengthy process. Proudly, I can say that the Icebreaker album is a record that won't leave the listener cold. At the same time, it is my tenth album featuring my own compositions, and I am very satisfied with it," Zenger shares.

The music features dancing woodwinds, adventurous synth sounds, and groovy drumming with an icy twist. In the album's opening track Icehopping abrupt moods are rooted in a story where Fredator leaps from one ice floe to another, not always coming out dry—but the groove on the drums is guaranteed. At times, the music on the album calms down and addresses more serious themes. The single track Peace Please, along with director Juha Ilmari Laine's music video, serves as a tribute to Ukraine. Throughout the interpretation by Freezer, the central theme is a hopeful atmosphere that lasts throughout the entire song.

"Peace Please was inspired by Ukraine in the early stages of the war. Like Ukraine, the mood and melody of the whole song, initially arranged for woodwinds only, are beautiful," Zenger reminisces.


  1. Icehopping
  2. Goanna, meet Wallaby
  3. Permafrost
  4. Peace Please
  5. Bad Ice cream
  6. Winterlude
  7. Intro to Addis
  8. Addis Point
  9. Tomcat bites