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Pertti "Pepa" Päivinen
Jussi Miettola

Hirttomiehiä työväenluokalle


Album information

PerformerPertti "Pepa" Päivinen
Jussi Miettola
TypeCD / digi
LabelFinnish Explosions
All songs by Päivinen&Miettola
Mixed by Jazz Kuramatto
Mastered by Teemu Sinkko
Layout by Antti Ollikainen


Pepa Päivinen and Jussi Miettola released a new album, Hirttomiehiä työväenluokalle, on 30th March 2019 on Finnish Explosions.

Duo describes the melodies in the following way:

Laula metsä laulus: An ancient melody dug from the analog vaults of The Land Of The Pipes.

Kur Kur: A peculiar sound of the THROAT creates a foundation for a singular voice to float on. Later everything gets sucked to a digital black hole. Bad luck.

Glace Noir: A musical study on the refreshing shades of grey.

Valta, voima ja kunnia: Commentary on some worldly ”things” better left unnamed. All Aboard! The Armageddon!

Monopol unessa: To dream is to unite with the most important creatures of this world.

Menneille koirille: From a vague cry to a direct homage. Come on and embrace the darkness.

Tervemenoa: Life is an adventure, I guess..? Just take a look at the aural pathologist's report.

Hirttomiehiä työväenluokalle: So you want me to unlock that part of my brain and go apeshit over things I have absolutely no real knowledge of?! I'd rather float in some ether, all numb, bored and happy.

Pepa Päivinen: reeds
Jussi Miettola: sound, arranging


  1. Laula metsä laulus
  2. Kur Kur
  3. Glace Noir
  4. Valta, voima ja kunnia
  5. Monopol unessa
  6. Menneitä koiria
  7. Tervemenoa
  8. Hirttomiehiä työväenluokalle