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Aki Himanen / Aleksi Kinnunen

Dawn Drops


Album information

PerformerAki Himanen / Aleksi Kinnunen
  • Aki Himanen
  • Aleksi Kinnunen


The Dawn Drops EP is a collaboration between Finnish artists Aki Himanen (trumpet, electronics) and Aleksi Kinnunen (drums) with remixes from PEG and Polygonia, and fuses both jazz and techno sensibilities to come up with superbly forward-looking and sleek new sounds.

Aki Himanen and Aleksi Kinnunen are jazz musicians and techno producers who combine jazz‘s spontaneity and electronic music‘s dark soundscapes. Using generative techniques and interacting machines, they have been working together since 2019 and released their debut album Scapes I earlier in 2020. Now they are back with more of their cinematic sound and dystopian landscapes on this fine new EP.

The opener Dawn Drops is a lush piece that sweeps you off your feet with suspensory synths and floating sax lines rising out into one sky. Rubbery drums roll below to keep you tethered to a grover and the whole thing is a luxuriant and soothing piece. The beautifully dark Plastic Rain builds on live drums and pulsing bass, with somber trumpets bringing a forlorn mood as hits and rim shots are scattered through the air.

A club-ready remix of this one comes from Spanish techno artist PEG, an associate of the Dynamic Reflection label who fuses techno, ambient, dark beats and techno old and new into his music. He flips the track into a much more driving and deep techno tune that is designed to get you into a state of hypnosis as it races late into the night on spooky synths and powerful kicks.

Last of all, Munich based artist and musician Lindsey Wang aka Polygonia steps up. She is a master of rhythm and composition and brings this to a haunting and serene techno track laced with ambient mysticism and subtle pads that melt your mind.


  1. Dawn Drops
  2. Plastic Rain
  3. Plastic Rain (PEG Remix)
  4. Dawn Drops (Polygonia Remix)