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Aleksi Ranta Group
Aleksi Ranta

Capricorn Hills


Album information

PerformerAleksi Ranta Group
Aleksi Ranta
TypeCD + digi
LabelNordic Audio & Music Productions Oy


Capricorn Hill is the third album from the jazz ensemble Aleksi Ranta Group, led by guitarist-composer Aleksi Ranta. The album is a cinematic combine of styles from tango to free jazz.

The Capricorn Hill’s pieces were originally composed for Comics in Concert project, combining live drawing and music. Compositions were recorded with the quartet in the spring 2015 and the digital album was released on 2 February 2016. The album features accordionist Niko Kumpuvaara and saxophonist Jori Levantovskij.

Aleksi Ranta Group, formed in 2005, is an acoustic quartet combining jazz and rock. The band has released three albums Long Lost LJ (2010), Where We Belong (2014), Capricorn Hill (2016) and toured in Europe and U.S. Their northern sound and melodic songs have gained positive reviews in Finland and abroad.


  1. Listen to Me
  2. Capricorn Hill
  3. The French Song
  4. Main Theme
  5. Hurt Me Plenty
  6. Atmospheres