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Around The World


Album information

Genrejazz, world music


A jazz quartet's musical journey through six continents - Australia, Asia, Africa, South & North America and Europe. Influences are taken from numerous exotic musical styles including Klezmer, Australian Aboriginal music, Peking Opera and Ethiopian Jazz.

As its centerpiece, the album includes the original Around the World suite - a five piece World Music Concerto. Starting out with Australian Aboriginal music before moving on to Peking Opera, Ethio jazz rhythms and sensual shades of Brazil, Around the World finally concludes with some groovy American r&b. Through dramatic mood and tempo changes, Around the World still feels unbelievably connected and succinct. From the start Jamaze has strived to enrich their sound through the huge repertoire of world music while leaving its core as an improvising jazz quartet intact. Performers on the album are vocalist Elna Romberg, pianist Rob Dominis, bassist Kaisa Mäensivu and drummer Mika Säily.


  1. Jerusalem
  2. Bintan Blue
  3. In A Daydream
  4. How Intense It Is
  5. Dreamtime
  6. Sichuan
  7. Lalibela
  8. Ordem E Progresso
  9. Katharsis
  10. Meant To Be Mine
  11. Nature Boy