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Finno-Danish Vela issue their debut on 10 February


Finnish-Danish duo Vela releases its first album Wandering on 10 February. The album is filled with musical language that moves fluently from jazz and all the way to experimental classical music. This combination creates a full and versatile atmosphere, loyal to their improvisational touch at concerts.

Eclipse Music has a new and exciting album to put your minds to. Nodding to jazz and experimental classical music, Vela's deeply original approach is characterised by a strong and pure atmosphere. 

The debut album is full of powerful tones that sit brilliantly to the northern mindset, with the darker, cinematic tones of the cello being lightened up by the piano. Both artists have brought their own expertise and musical values to Wandering, and the album's fresh  and haunting pieces will leave you pondering and offer something new after several rounds of listening.

Vela is a duo of two talented artists. Finnish cellist Aino Juutilainen treats her cello like a true pioneer with surprises, variety in tones and techniques. She is best-known for her ability to improvise fluently, which the album conveys brilliantly. Danish painist Esben Højlund  paints beautiful rhytmical elements and brighter colours that act as a contrast to the cello. Together they paint a world that sits well with their own description of melodic and microcosmic landscapes.

In January 2016 Esben Højlund won the second price in the Danish Radio's competition for young jazz composers with his composition "Morgen", written for Vela. The debut album is wholly comprised of original compositions written by both members. 

30 April Pori, Validi Karkia Club at Pori Main Library
3 May Helsinki, Kallio Theatre

Aino Juutilainen (FI), cello
Esben Højlund (DK), piano
feat. Anders Vestergaard (DK), drums