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Nassaun Fasaani

Nassaun Fasaani

Photo: Pekka Tuppurainen

Nassaun Fasaani's music is an intriguing combination of the variety of styles in rhythm and world music. Porthén's and Rautio's crossover compositions wrap smoothly over surprising arrangements (which take also the musicians by surprise at times). 

Aside the various jazz ensembles, the exploding virtuoso Toni Porthén is known for rapper Axl Smith's and pop/r'n'b star Anna Abreu's bands. Yrjö awarded Joonatan Rautio mainly works with his trio, and yet continues to come up with new tricks to amaze his audiences with his playing. Pianist Jussi Fredriksson electrifies the band with his Moog paintings and sharp Rhodes solos. The rhythm section is completed with the cornerstone of Finnish electric bass, Juho Kivivuori and ruthlessly groovy percussionist Abdissa "Mamba" Assefa.

Toni Porthén - drums
Joonatan Rautio - saxophones, EWI, keys
Jussi Fredriksson - piano, Rhodes, keys
Juho Kivivuori - bass
Abdissa Assefa - percussion