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Tuomo Prättälä

pianist/ keyboardist/ singer/ composer

Tuomo Prättälä (b. 1979) started to take piano lessons at the age of 8 and played the first six years classical material before moving into pop/jazz music in junior high school. Through the bands in high school Prättälä met "the brassbrothers" Verneri and Ilmari Pohjola who came to be life-long friends for Prättälä later. In 1998 Prättälä started his studies at the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and later he continued his studies at the Stadia (Metropolia) University of Applied Sciences.

Tuomo Prättälä is a perfect example of a musician who moves open-mindedly on the field of rhythm music. He has played both free jazz, funk, soul and bossa nova and seems to have succeeded in all of these. The versatility of the pianist stems from his wide taste of music. By following his big brother's music taste, Prättälä came familiar with progressive rock, hiphop, funk, electronic music and jazz already when he was a child.

In the late-1990s Prättälä formed with bassist Lauri Porra and drummer Jussi Lehtonen an acoustic jazztrio called Bonksters that made it's way to the finals of the Finnish contest of a Nordic jazzband competition in 2000 and in spring 2001 trio recorded a radiotape for YLE, the National Broadcast Company of Finland. However, Prättälä started to be busy with his two other bands, nu-soul-jazz-band Quintessence and jazzquartet Ilmiliekki Quartet, and Bonksters didn't last for long. Prättälä played also in trumpetist Mikko Pettinen's MP4 band that won the Getxo International jazz ensemble contest in Spain in 2002.

Lately Prättälä has been an important member in Emma Salokoski Ensemble that has kept him busy. At the same time he has been touring around Finland and Europe with his own soul-soloproject and released also three soloalbums that have got extremely good feedback. The first one of these albums, My Thing, that was released in 2007, reached the eighth place on the official album chart of Finland. In March 2008 My Thing was awarded with the Emma Prize as the Hiphop-, dance- r&b-album of the Year and the same year Prättälä himself was a nominee for the Male Artist of the Year. My Thing was also chosen as the Album of the Year by Radio Helsinki in 2007 and it has sold gold in Finland. The second soloalbum of Prättälä was named Tuomo Reaches Out For You (2009) and it reached the second place on the official album chart and was also a nominee for the Emma Prize as the Hiphop-, dance- r&b-album of the Year in 2009. The third soloalbum of Prättälä My Own Private Sunday was released in 2010.

In March 2007 Tuomo Prättälä was awarded with the Sony Jazz Award that is annually given to a young, successful jazzmusician who is still unknown for the great audience.