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Toni Porthén


Toni Porthén (b. 1978) got interested in drums and jazz music already at young age, thanks to his father, and after high school and years in the Conservatory of Kokkola, he ended up studying jazz music in Sibelius Academy. In Helsinki Porthén showed his skills and diligence and he became quickly a very used drummer in different groups from jazz to funk and rock. Besides his own 2nd Impression band Porthén did a tour with Sami Saari in the beginning of 21st century but was also busy with the 20th anniversary tour of Aija Puurtinen's Honey B. & T-Bones. Still the most time consuming group for Porthén at that time was Lenni-Kalle Taipale Group that was extremely respected and praised among the critics and public and toured around the world for several years.

In the 21st century Porthén has actively worked with several bands. Few examples of these successful bands are MP4 Quartet, Nassaun Fasaani that combined fusion and folk music and soulful Soul What?. Besides jazz Porthén has performed with several bands that combine rhythm and folk music, e.g. Värttinä, folkish rap-collective GG Caravan and Axl Smith's band. Porthén has also paid a visit to UMO regularly.

Porthén graduated as Master of Music from Sibelius Academy in 2010. Besides active performing, Porthén also teaches drums in several institutions around Finland.