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Toni Porthén



Drummer Toni Porthén (b. 1978) showed his skills and diligence to the Finnish music field already as a youngster and he became quickly a very used drummer in different groups from jazz to funk and rock. Besides his own 2nd Impression band Porthén did a tour with Sami Saari in the beginning of 21st century but was also busy with the 20th anniversary tour of Aija Puurtinen's Honey B. & T-Bones and Lenni-Kalle Taipale Group. Few examples of other bands in which Porthén has played are MP4 Quartet, Nassaun Fasaani that combined fusion and folk music and soulful Soul What?. Besides jazz Porthén has performed also with several bands that combine rhythm and folk music, e.g. Värttinä, folkish rap-collective GG Caravan and Axl Smith's band.

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