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Teemu Salminen

saxophonist/ clarinetist/ flutist




Teemu Salminen (b. 1953) has specialised at UMO Jazz Orchestra in playing saxophone, exacting clarinet and flute parts, and improvised solos. He is known for his purposeful and focused ways of working and his ambitious strive towards higher-quality and more innovative musical expression. Salminen stresses the significance of education and individual thinking in musicians and composers’ work. This is why his compositions, arrangements, and interpretations of the works themselves are polished to their core; yet, his works never feel routine but have fluid and tangible elements in them. The UMO Jazz Orchestra also performs Salminen’s works. In addition to the instruments already mentioned, the versatile musician plays soprano, alto and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, and piccolo, alto and bass flutes.

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