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Rami Eskelinen


Kuva/ Photo:


Drummer Rami Eskelinen (b. 1967) became familiar to the Finnish jazz audience as the drummer of the famous Trio Töykeät group but he has had time to do lots of other things as well on the field of Finnish jazz. Besides Trio Töykeät, Eskelinen has played for a long time in Espoo Big Band and taught drums in Ebeli, the pop/jazz department of the music school of Espoo. Eskelinen is a popular musician on the jazz field of Helsinki and he has performed e.g. with Jukka Gustavson Fusion Band and singer/songwriter Laura Sippola's band. Also Piirpauke, the folk/jazzband formed by Sakari Kukko in 1974, has been an important group for Eskelinen since it was re-formed by Kukko in 2010.

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